How To Draw A BigHorn Sheep Step By Step Cartoon Sheep Drawing

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 Hey beginners!
Drawing has always been fun for everyone. Many people do it as their favorite hobby, while others adopt it as a profession. Being a beginning artist, you don’t need to get worried about how perfect your artwork is. Instead, just hold a paintbrush and start painting what is in your creative mind. This is a helpful drawing technique to become an amazing artist. Here in this art tutorial, you will learn how to draw a bighorn sheep step by step.


Before starting the sheep drawing, will you love to know something unique about the ram animal you had never known? Of course, yes. Here it is: Let’s see how to draw a bighorn sheep.


5 interesting facts about the bighorn sheep you should know before drawing a sketch


  1. Bighorn sheep are named so because of their large and curved horns.
  2. The baby sheep are known as lamb, male sheep are called rams and the female sheep are called ewes.
  3. A group of bighorn sheep is called a herd.
  4. Adult sheep may weigh up to 70kg.
  5. Desert bighorn sheep are adapted to survive in extreme conditions. They have a cleft hoof which helps them to climb up the mountains.


Things you need to learn to draw your hunted animal:

All the drawing material for this sheep drawing tutorial is easily available. That’s how we draw! You will require:


  • A neat and plane paper sheet or a sketchbook
  • A sharpened black pencil
  • An eraser
  • Colored pencils

How To Draw A BigHorn Sheep Step By Step

12 simple steps for ram drawing:

Let’s begin with how to draw a ram animal. This is a really perfect drawing for children. Carefully read each step and draw a pencil sketch side by side.



Step 1:

In the first step, we will learn how to draw a ram head step by step. For this, draw an oval of suitable size in the vertical direction. This will represent the ram skull. Sketch another small oval on the lower end of the previous oval which will overlap it.



Step 2: 

This step for how to draw a bighorn sheep may be tricky that’s there is a need to split it down into following sub-steps.


  • Draw multiple circles overlapping each other around the circular body of the bighorn sheep
  • Add a small oval shape for the sheep’s mouth


Step 3:

Erase the overlapped area by using a fine eraser. Do you know how to draw a bighorn sheep head? Follow the steps to learn. These drawing steps will be quite simple and easy to follow.


Step 4:

Now bring some life to this beautiful sheep by making a curve shape for the big horn. As this is the beauty of this animal. Don’t work hard to make it precise as you are just here for drawing practice.



Step 5: 

Add some more curves around the horn to make it more attractive and beautiful. For your better understanding see the image below.


Step 6:

In this step you will need to follow some sub steps. 


  • Make an outline for the eye of bighorn sheep It is just so easy to draw
  • Simple sketch a small circle for the bighorn sheep’s eye
  • Complete the horn curves to make them more pointy
  • Draw a small line for smiling lips


Step 7:

By splitting down in following steps you will learn even faster than usual. 


  • Fill the eye socket with black lead pencil to give it a real look
  • Add two rectangle bars to show the bighorn sheep’s legs
  • A small oval shape to define bighorn sheep tail
  • A very small curve for bighorn sheep nose


Step 8: 

Move towards the sheep’s body now.  Also, use a pencil to draw a small cloud again on the forehead of the sheep drawing. This will represent the drawing sketch of your ram’s body. It is really fluffy in actuality that’s why it resembles the cloud. Remove the extra curves to refine your work. Add foot hooves of this beautiful bighorn sheep. 


Step 9:

Draw two horizontal lines to define other legs. Make sure you have done your work with great care. For better understanding take a look at the given picture. Hold on, also search for how to draw a sheep in a field. if you want to learn How to Draw a Camel step by step then here you go. 




Step 10:

Finally, draw the other legs of your cartoon sheep for which it is specifically known. Add curves in the horns to make them look as big as in reality



Step 11: 

Give a black outline with a marker to beautify your pencil drawing. And refine all your drawing work. Add some cloudy shape curves on the cartoon bighorn sheep. Here we go. 



Step 12:

This is the last step of your ram animal drawing…Coloring! Use grey and white shades to color your drawing and give it a realistic look. Happy coloring!



I hope you have enjoyed this colored pencil drawing lesson. Keep on searching for different techniques and explore more drawing ideas for kids. You can find a list of animals to draw. 

Bighorn sheep coloring activity for kids

how to draw a bighorn sheep


Questions popping in your mind about the mountain sheep:

  1. Are ram animals friendly in nature?

No, all the bighorn sheep are aggressive even if they appear to be friendly. You can pet the immature lamb but the adult sheep can be dangerous without captivity.


  1. Where most of the bighorn rams are found?

They are mostly present in the state of northwestern United States, Montana. That’s why they are called the mountain animals.


  1. What is the slight difference between ram animals and mountain goats?

The main difference between them is in their behaviors. Mountain goats possess sharp horns pointing upwards to maintain dominance while big-horned sheep have curved horns. do you want to learn How to Draw a Goat then we have already done for you. 


  1. What do bighorn sheep eat?

They are herbivores. So ram animals’ diet includes grasses, clovers, etc. In deserts, this hunted animal feeds on plants like cacti and holly.


Also, search for bighorn images on the internet and in kids’ magazines. Keep in mind that you have the potential to become an amazing artist despite any mistakes you make during drawing. Just relax your mind and make your own fantasy world with colors!


Thanks you have learned how to draw a bighorn sheep step by step.


Charlie Brown

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