How To Draw A Bug – Easy Drawings Ideas

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Are you interested in style and entertainment? Then our easy step by step drawing lessons will be enough for you. We have hundreds of kids drawing tutorials. But in this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a bug. Yeah, a bug is a very little insect.  You can find it under your carpet or mattress. But beware of its bite. LOL, we are not here to be afraid of you but little fun of kids. moreover, When you are open up with drawing & art, success isn’t more far behind. 

How To Draw A Bug Cartoon For Kids

How to draw a bug

We have divided this bug drawing into two parts.

  1. In the first part, you will come to know how to draw a bug for kids.
  2. In the 2nd part, as per your interest, some coloring activities are waiting for you. 

If you really love this cute bug and show you affection, then grab a pencil and start working.


  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A compass or lid
  • Colored pencil (optional)


Drawing a bug isn’t a hard job. You can follow our step by step guide and become its master. You must know how to draw circles and oval shapes.

 Step by step Cartoon Bug Drawing

Step 1:

Start your drawing of a bug with a small circle. Almost all the step by step drawings start with a circle.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 2:

Now draw two more circles for bug eyes. The left circle is comparatively smaller than the right one. Make sure you have drawn them in the right positions.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step Step 3:

Refine your work and remove the intersecting lines.  You can find similar insect Spider Drawing.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 4:

In this step, you need to follow the given sub-steps.

  1. Add pupils to bug eyes. Consider it according to size and shape.
  2. Draw a curved line for a smile. You can draw a straight line. 

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

It’s all about imagination. Are you enjoying Easy Bug Drawing ? Hope so

Step 5:

Draw an oval shape to give a bug a life. This oval shape is for the bug body. See the image.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 6:

By continuing your work draws a similar oval shape. Placement of this oval shape will be above the body. You can take your elders’ help to draw this. It might be tricky for you. 

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 7:

Now remove the inner intersecting line. This step is very easy to follow. Make sure you are using a good quality eraser. Go ahead! 

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 8:

You are working great kids. Now draw another right-wing curve next to left one. See the image. 

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 9:

This step has some sub-steps. This is a good way to follow step by step drawing tutorials.

  1. Three small curves for legs
  2. Two curves for antenna 

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

Step 10:

Finally, you have almost reached your goal. Now draw the very small circles at feet tips. Since this is a cartoon bug drawing so you need to follow the instructions.   

Learn How to draw a bug step by step


How to Draw Colors to Cartoon Bug

How to draw a bug for kids Beautiful Bug Coloring Activities

Coloring Activities:

 Drawing a bud for kids wasn’t hard. Let’s Chill. Now do some little practice on coloring. Have you ever seen colorful bugs or do you love to draw this cute bug? In this section, you will learn How to draw colors in a bug.

 Colors Needed:

  1. Dark brown
  2. Brown
  3. Black
  4. Blue
  5. Sky blue
  6. Coral
  7. Yellow
  8. Red
  9. Purple
  10. Light purple
  11. Grey

1.Attractive little bug:

After drawing a little bug, now it’s time to fulfill the coloring part. You can enjoy in your spare time. Let’s fill in. Fill the dark brown color to both wings. And give a brown shade to its face and body. Now it is a great contrast.  Feet tips and outer lining of every wing and body must be black. Great work!

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

2.Cute Bug Drawing:

This is looking really awesome and a cute bug. Take the start of the body. Fill the shade of blue color to its body and face. Don’t hesitate to draw a blue color to both wings. Great, it is! The feet tips have the coral color you can choose your own.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step


3.Colorful Bug for kids:

Wow! It is a really colorful insect. First, we will start from the wings. Fill the yellow color in it. Don’t feel bad if you miss the outer lining and spread the color outside of the body. Now draw a shade of yellow color to its body. eye and pupil won’t change as we have drawn them in step 2. Finalize it with red feet tips. This is looking very eye-catching.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

4.Purple color Funny Bug:

 This is the last one and no doubt it is looking a little bit funny. Grab your purple color and fill in the wings. Give a very light shade to its body. in your last attempt, draw grey color to its feet tip. Now a happy ending it is.

Learn How to draw a bug step by step

You have learned how to draw a bug easy by following our step by step guide. You can find other Insects Drawing to entertain yourself. There are hundreds of art work and colorful drawings that can easy to understand.

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