Desert Ship : How to Draw a Camel – Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorials

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This drawing can bring more merriment if you follow every step. In this quick and easy step by step drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a camel. This can be your favorite one if you are more fond to ride on camel then why not with step by step drawing tutorial guide. Camel is known as the ship of the desert. A heavy creature loved by kids. You can find more Easy Drawing Ideas in this platform where hundreds of step by step Cool drawings lessons are waiting for you.

how to draw a camel

Are you want to become a master of cute animal drawings then you are at the right place. 

Instruction To Follow To Draw A Camel

Sharp Expertise: 

You must learn how to draw oval shapes and curves

Time needed: 

The maximum time needed for your practice work.


Consistency and hard work lead you to success


Coloring activities are only for free time


Things You Need:

  • A drawing paper, you can use simple paper too.
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An eraser
  • Colors kits ( Optional )

How to Draw a Camel For Kids In Easy Steps

Let’s start your Creative work

Step 1:

Start your camel drawing by picking an oval shape in the middle of the paper. This oval shape is mark up for the camel’s body.

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 2:

By continuing your work, draw another small oval shape at some distance for the camel head. Take care while making this structure. 

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 3:

For easy camel drawing, you must follow these steps. Draw a small circle for camel snout and a curve line that joins the face to the body. See the image.

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 4:

Keeping in mind that you are learning a cartoon camel drawing with two humps. Hump is famous for storing water.

  • Draw two circles for humps on the camel body parallel to each other.
  • Draw the curves lines for camel neck
  • Refine the camel snout.


Done! Great work!

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 5:

Now draw two lines for its legs. Make sure that legs derived from the camel body. Take a look at the following image. Superb Work! 

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 6:

Attention Required. This step plays a very vital role. 


  • Smoothen your work with some special strokes.
  • A cluster of circles for camel mane. 
  • Make the legs rectangular shape.
  • A small oval shape for ear.
  • Draw a left eye

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 7:

  • By continuing your camel easy drawing, draw the outer lining. 
  • Add some other circle clusters for its mane. 
  • Add pupil to its eye
  • Draw a nose curve

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Have you done? Great you are! How do you finding the how to draw a camel with step by step guide? I hope you are enjoying this.

Step 8:

Real work needs to be done here. This step is totally concern with refining. “Refine refine and refine for better look” see the image again for better understanding. You can take your elder help to complete this step. But I recommend you to try in your own way. It’s your practice and learning time. Go beyond your imaginations. Don’t think too hard. Take it easy. Relax! 

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 9:

This step is very easy. You need to draw a camel tail in this step. Make sure the tail have wavy look. Since you are drawing a standing camel. A similar standing Rhinoceros Drawing can help you to learn more.

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Step 10:

It is time to complete the incomplete sketches. Make the tail complete. So you can draw colors to it. Add some special curves. Don’t haste while making this. You are almost done! Superb you are! Now move on to the next coloring sections.

Congratulations you have successfully able learn how to draw a camel. Make sure you completed every step with great care. I think it demands a great effort. But a reward for coloring is waiting for yours. You can relax by filling attractive and charming colors to it. Now you will learn, How to draw colors in a Camel.

How to draw a camel


Let’s start a New Mission


Colors you need:

  • Brown
  • Coral
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue

After great work. Now it is time to fill colors to a camel. 

  • Camel Colorful Drawing

To make this animal more beautiful and attractive fill brown color to its body. Prepare yourself to bring this beautiful creature completely on your page. Add black pupil to its eye. Keeping in mind that outer lining must be with black color; second to none. Finally, add coral color to its mane and hoofs. Take a look. Done? Great!

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing


  •  Colorful Pinkish Camel

This time is for pink and purple. In fact, there is no camel in the world of pink color. But kids it’s just a creative color. You can add more colors according to your will. For this camel fill the body with pink color. Outer lining and eye pupil, as usual, black. Make the hoofs with purple color. Superb Work! Great you are done!


  • Cute Coral Camel

Have you ever seen a camel with a coral color? Obviously in the zoo or in deserts. Great! Now, this is a similar camel. Fill the light coral color to its body but left unchecked the mane, tail, and hoofs. For these remaining parts select the bright coral color. Nice, it is! Go to the next one. Make sure you have completed this wisely. 

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing


  • Perfect Camel Illustration:

From this title, you are thinking about the perfect and easy camel drawing for kids. This is really an animated camel. Look at this for better perceptions. Light and bright green colors are the best combinations. Fill the light green color to its body. Camel hoofs, mane and tail must be bright green. You are done! Have Fun!

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing


  • A Camel You Haven’t See

This one is last but not least. You are going in a good way. Fill the sky blue color to the camel body. You must add a black outer lining to get a perfect look. Yellow hoofs suit on the authority of this colorful drawing. 

how to draw a camel step by step easy drawing

Great Work indeed. Now, you are done with this. In conclusion, you can choose any of the colorful camel step by step drawing as per your interest. Finally, you have learned how to draw a camel with this step by step guide. We have hundreds of animals drawing lessons in this platform you can check them out. Drawing is also a skill if your really mean to it. 

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