How To Draw A Cherry : Delicious Cherry Drawing For Kids – 2022

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In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a cherry for kids. Cherry is the name of a love fruit indeed a relish fruit. Drawing a cherry with our step by step drawing guide won’t exhaust you.

Cherry is a fruit of March and April. People visit distant places to see cherry trees hanging along with the blossoms. It is categorized with sweet and sour cherry. But kids have great affection with this fleshy fruit. More than edible, it’s more desirable to draw cherries.

How To Draw a Cherry Fruit Drawing For Kids

Cherry’s drawing is full of art. You can find it easier with our easy to guide tutorials. Our Easy Drawing Ideas will make you more glee and help you to become an expert in this.  


  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A drawing paper
  • Colored pencils
  • A compass (You can also choose a lid)


Follow every step with great care. Don’t worry if you made a mistake while drawing; it’s your practice time take it, easy kids. Relax and have fun!

Step By Step Drawing Instructions For Cheery Fruit

Step 1:

Start off drawing with a circle. Make sure you placed the circle in the middle of the drawing page. 

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 2:

Draw a mirror circle at some distance for its pair. To get the real image you need to track every step as given in the images. 

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 3:

By continuing your drawing art, make simple curves to give it a fruity look. See the image below. 

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 4:

Remove the extra lines and give it a natural fruit look. The natural look may have some curves in the fruits.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

 Step 5:

Draw two long curves from its stem place and matted at the top. Follow the image for better understanding.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 6:

In this step draw a small circle at stem point form where the stem is going out. Draw in a very clear way so it looks beautiful. 

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 7:

Now it is up to you how you make it more beautiful. Draw another curve for the stem and give it a hollow look. If you are enjoying this Fruit drawing then you can also find How to draw a Strawberry.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 8:

At stem, the joining point draws a small rectangle shape to cover its matting. This is a small strap. Now it looks beautiful.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

Step 9:

Congrats! Here you have done!  . A leafy structure needs to be drawn in this step. The leaf base must be at the matting point. Great work!

You have learned how to draw a cherry step by step. With this sketching lesson you can learn more than before by following easy tutorials.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids


How to Draw Colors to Cherry Fruit

Coloring Activities:

Kids Attractive Cherry Coloring Activities FOR KIDS STEP BY STEP

After this successful achievement now you can play with colors. Playing with colors can boost your creativity. In this section, we will learn How to draw colors in Cherry Fruit.

Color needed:

These following colors can enrich its beauty

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Dark brown
  4. Black
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow
  7. Purple
  8. Green
  9. Brown
  10. Light green
  11. Pink

  Colorful Cherry Drawing

After this step by step cheery drawing now you can fill colors to it. First, you need to draw an outer line with black color. Fill the bright red colors to its fruit body. stem and leaf will look astonishing when you fill a light green color to it. Make sure the leaves are brighter than the stem. In your last attempt fill the brown color to its matting strip.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

   Beautiful Cherry Coloring

 Actually there are no such colors for cherry fruit. It is your coloring practice so flow with the stream. Moreover, you can choose More Colors Ideas as you want. Fill the light brown color to its body. stem and joining strip must be of yellow color. At last, draw the green color to its leaf. Here you go!

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

  Purple & Green Cherry

Here is a combination of green and purple colors. Fill the green to the fruit body and turn the purple of the stems. You can choose other color combinations to make it more beautiful. fill the yellow color to its leaf. Now it’s a perfect match.

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids

  Realistic Cherry Drawing

This one is last but not least. There are hundreds of colors for your practice work. But for this real cherry drawing, fill the bright pink color in its fruit body. The stem should be of brown color. Turn the leaf green for an attractive look. Now you are done!

Learn how to draw cherry step by step for kids


After completing how to draw a cherry drawing for kids you have dire wish for more drawing ideas. Then keep visiting this platform. Here we arranged hundreds of drawings for kids. Kids find them and tried some practice work with pencils and colors. Keep visiting keep learning. 

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