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Quack Quack! Here comes a beautiful duck. In this step by step drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a duck. Dealing with the floating bird isn’t hard nut to crack. It’s is easy as like ABC. This mission will take you to become a master of drawing if you really work on it. Just take a simple ride and have fun. Create an attractive illustration or hand made sketches are really fun. You can inspire anyone to become a better designer. 

Beautiful Coloring Activities Duckling Coloring kids Drawings

Don’t worry like any other drawing lessons you mustn’t stick with this. This is quite easy and simple. Real working takes time. You can start this duck drawing with your teacher’s help. Surely you can take their guidance. One piece of advice can make you a super person. You can spend your maximum time on these drawings lessons. Moreover you can find a wise bird Owl Drawing in this club too.  

Instruction To Follow For Duck Drawing

Instructions to Follow:

Sharp Expertise: 

You must learn how to draw oval shapes and curves

Time needed: 

The maximum time needed for your practice work.


Consistency and hard work lead you to success


Coloring activities are only for free time

Things You Need:

  • A drawing paper, you can use simple paper too.
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An eraser
  • Colors kits ( Optional )

How to Draw a Duck For Kids In Simple Steps

Let’s start it.

Step 1:

Let’s make this mission successful. Draw two oval shapes at some distance. The first one is bigger. The second one is comparatively small. The top-level oval shape represents the duck face and the second one for its body.

how to draw a duck step by step for kidsStep 2:

Draw a long curve line so it connects the head with the body. Usually, a curve has a long neck. So adjust it accordingly. Nice work! Move on.

how to draw a duck step by step for kids
Step 3:

By continuing to this beautiful drawing add another long curve parallel to the first one. This is a great way! Place a small curve to a starting tail point. See the image.

how to draw a duck step by step for kids

Step 4:

Draw a simple curve for ducktail. You know a ducktail is the men hair fashion in the 19’s.  Make sure you start this point from the previous point. 

how to draw a duck step by step for kidsStep 5:

Refine your work and remove extra lines to make the duck more attractive. In this way, you can beauty to duck drawing. It’s quite natural. 

how to draw a duck step by step for kids

Step 6:

This step contains substeps, you can make a rough pencil sketch. If not then continue as it is going. Trace the following guideline.

  1. Two parallel stripes for duck’s legs
  2. A sharp beak
  3. A hollow eye


how to draw a duck step by step for kids

Step 7:

In this step for how to draw a duck step by step, simply you need to add another part of the beak. Make sure to give a little bit space for beak opening. Add a triangle shape right below the feet stripes.

how to draw a duck step by step for kidsStep 8:


  • Draw a U shape curve to its body
  • Add a pupil that must be circular
  • A small curve along its feet joint
  • Make the beak more obvious

how to draw a duck step by step for kids

Step 9:

In this step draw second feet of a duck. Draw the body curve of duck. Now, repeat the same triangle shape for second feet. 

how to draw a duck step by step for kids

Step 10:

You have almost done! In this step draw the flat feet for a duck. Make feature curves with great manners. Drawing a duck by following simple step by step guides isn’t hard work to do. before diving into to its coloring section you must find Step by Step Sparrow Drawing that will animate your coloring book. 

how to draw a duck step by step for kids

Coloring A Duck:

Beautiful Coloring Activities Duckling Coloring kids Drawings

How to draw color in duck can be the second option after the successful drawing. Here are some beautiful colors for a duck.

Colors You Need:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Sky blue

1.Duck beautiful Coloring

Your imagination can be calculated by making the duck beautiful. For this image, we will draw a blue color to the duck body. Fill the red color to duck feet and beak. This is the cartoon duck drawing. Don’t hesitate if colors go out of the body. Keep leaning it’s your practice time. Mark the outer lining with black. A pupil must be of black color. Nice Work!



how to draw a duck step by step for kids


2. Duck Cool Bird Coloring


Hey! Here I find a purple duck for you. You can feel amazed after coloring. Usually, duck feet are orange so add orange colors to its feet. Make the beak orange too. Don’t forget to make the pupil black. Keep in mind that using any color doesn’t hold you tightly. You have the liberty to draw colors according to your pleasure. Great work!

how to draw a duck step by step for kids


3. Adorable Ducking Drawing

This is the last but not the least. Fill the light green color to this cute bird. Draw sky blue color to its feet and beak. Make sure to fill the colors with great care. Don’t feel discomfort if you drew outside of the duck body. 

Indeed, you have a beautiful intelligent soul. You have successfully learned how to draw a duck by step by step guide. You can take thousands of Easy Drawings Ideas by scrolling this platform. Don’t hesitate while drawing something. If you don’t make a mistake you won’t be able to master any drawing. Keep learning and keep practicing. 

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