How To Draw A Fish Step by Step – Fish Drawings Instructions

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In these drawing tutorial series, you won’t merely learn how to draw a fish step by step but many other sea creatures drawing too. Guess what we are going to draw. A Jelly Fish or Cod Fish. But A simple fish for kids. What does fish says to kids, “I can’t live without water kids. If you can draw me on the paper i can stable myself. Today your mission is to learn some sea creature drawing. The most well-known sea creature is obviously fish. 

How To Draw A Fish Step By Step For Kids

Grab your pencil tightly and learn how to make this cartoon fish drawing. It won’t take your time. You might need to put some of your efforts to draw. After this, you will come to know some fun facts about drawing. This drawing might give you a huge reward! Indeed. Just feel easy and draw. 

HOW TO DRAW A fish step by step for kids

Showing your love of sea creatures and draw a beautiful fish for your friends. You can impress your teachers and parents with your cool illustration work. But don’t worry about practicing for some attempts. You will become the master of any drawing if you give more concentration to this work.

Material You Need:

  • A drawing paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Color kits (Optional)


  1. Time needed: One hour Approx.
  2. Keep drawing until you get your final work
  3. Consistency matters

Step by Step Fish Drawing Easy Guide

Step 1:

Start your drawing by drawing a circle in the middle of the paper. Use a compass to get it clear but don’t force compass nib to the paper.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawingStep 2:

As this fish similar to whale so keep in mind the basic structure of this fish. Draw a curve line in such a way so it looks like electric shook. It just my perception you can see the image. Draw a sharp-pointed tail. Later on, fins cover this part.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawingStep 3:

By continuing your drawing, draw the knot shape for tail fins. Make sure you are following it as it is. But don’t stress to be perfect.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing


Step 4:

Now change the fin shape by some special pencil strokes. Moreover, you can learn how to draw catfish, koi fish, goldfish jellyfish, and clownfish as well. But in this tutorial focus on what you have.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing


Step 5:

In this step for how to draw a fish step by step remove the inner line to give fluffy look to fish. See the image for realism. 

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing

Step 6:

Draw a set of eyes in the fish body. Make sure that the left eye socket must be bigger than of right eye socket.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing

Step 7:

Add black dots (Iris) to fish eyes. To give it more beauty draw according to fish eye size. 

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing

Step 8:

Hurrah you have one step far to complete your amazing fish drawing. Draw a ‘U’ shape for the fish smile. Don’t ignore it. As this is the beauty of any pet.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing

Step 9:

This is the last step for fish drawing and this step is very important to follow. Draw water sprinkles at the top of the fish head. Nice work! 

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing

Congratulations! You have completed your assigned mission of drawing a fish. Now have a look to increase its beauty by using color kits. This step in completely optional you can skip it anytime.

HOW TO DRAW A fish step by step for kids

  1. Fish coloring

Add yellow colors to its body. Don’t force to be in limit while filling these colors. You will lose your creativity by taking too much care. Do things at the right time.


      2.Fish Amazing coloring

Fill the sky blue color to this fish. Sky blue color suits here. Keeping in mind that fill the same colors to it water sprinkles.

Learn how to draw a fish step by step easy drawing


Some fun Facts about Fish Drawing You May Like

how to draw a fish step by step


After sketching this beautiful drawing here are some fun facts about fish. 


  1. Many fish species have no ability to sense a smell.
  2. Tuna is famous for its speed swimming.
  3. Fish history is old for more than 500 million years.
  4. Seahorse is the only fish that swim only upright.
  5. Some fish have the ability to increase their body temperature. This helps then to attack their prey in cold water.
  6. Shark fish have eyelids, other fish don’t have.
  7. They have taste buds to their body.
  8.  Fish need oxygen for survival. They take oxygen from water.
  9. Stonefish is known as the most poisonous fish in the world.
  10. A baby seahorse is known as ‘fry’ you can call it a fry. LOL


To sum up, Drawing a fish with step by step guide isn’t tricky work. You have learned how to draw a fish step by step for kids and beginners. indeed, you can scroll our blogs to find other Animals Drawings. 


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