How To Draw A Flamingo – Colorful Flamingo – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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Flamingo a bird of beauty. In this quick drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a flamingo bird in simple and easy steps. Long neck & legs are the best combination of the this cute wild animal. Kids seems to be very happy after this wonder and cool drawing tutorial. I am sure kids find more pleasure to get this drawing. Obviously this drawing of the flamingo is specially created for kids. However, grown-up and youngsters can also win hearts by drawing this amazing bird. 

Step by Step Drawing Tutorial Learn How to Draw A Flamingo for kids

Don’t restrict any drawing to kids. Creativity doesn’t demand a young age. Creativity can be gained any part of life. As per my perception, creativity in living beyond imaginations. Need Drawing Ideas ? So what you are waiting for. Open your canvas or pick up drawing paper to draw some cool.  I hope your work can inspire everyone. Good Luck!


  • A Drawing paper (You can choose simple paper)
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An eraser
  • Crayons kits ( Optional )


You can complete step by step drawing guide with these following guidance.

  • Do real work until you get done.
  • Make more attempts (For practice)
  • Be consistent while drawing
  • Do some hard work

How to Draw a Flamingo For Kids In Easy Steps

Let’s start work!

Step 1:

Start your work by drawing an oval shape slightly sharp at one edge. It’s a flamingo body. Moreover, it is similar to the water drop if you ponder critically. See the image. You are I may have the same perceptions.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 2:

Draw an oval shape for the flamingo head, right above the previous one. Make sure you must create this shape perfectly.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 3:

In this step for easy Flamingo bird drawing. Make a sketch of its long neck. Flamingo is famous for its long neck and legs. A curve that joins the head with the body. See the image. 

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 4:

Now, give a complete touch to its neck. Make it smooth and easy to understand. Its neck is similar to Duck Drawing’s neck somehow. You can see this.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 5:

Refine your work and draw a hollow eye of flamingo. Don’t think that drawing this flamingo bird is a burden on you. Take it easy and do smooth work to get the real image.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 6:

This is a very important part of this drawing. Draw flamingo beak with a sharp edge as per given in the image. As per my perception, its beak is looking like an ice cream cone. But tilted at one side. Do you have the same perception? Tell us in a comment box.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 7:

Make the drawing more appealing and draw a pupil for the flamingo bird eye. You are doing great work! 

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 8:

In this step by step drawing tutorial, make curves for its feathers. Don’t forget to add a proper outer lining for this. If you’re not willing then complete it in the last step. Take it easy!

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 9:

Your work is impressive! Add more value to flamingo feathers. Look upon it for a most high-grade judgment. 

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 10:

You are near to complete the step by step easy flamingo drawing. Draw a curve line as a front foot, touches the ground.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 11:

Repeat the same structure for a rare leg. But bend the curve at the middle point. You can get an idea from the given image.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Step 12:

You are almost done. Add curves for both feet so you can get a real image. Great work! 

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

You have successfully learned how to draw a flamingo bird easily by following easy step by step guide. Congrats you have achieved it. So what’s next. Guess? Certainly, to make this bird colorful. 

How to draw colors to flamingo bird. easy step by step guide
Colors You Need:

  1. Pink
  2. Orange
  3. Black
  4. Coral
  5. Yellow
  6. Red
  7. Salmon
  8. Sage

In this Coloring Section, you will learn How to Draw colors in the Flamingo Bird Easily.

  • Flamingo Attractive Colors:

After following the step by step guide you had finished your work. Now fill some colors to it. Fill pink color to the flamingo body. Usually, a flamingo is of pink color. But here you can’t stop yourself to go beyond these colors. Draw orange color to its beak. The outer lining must be black. Add a black curve to its feathers to get a real look. Have you done? Great!

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step


  • Cute Flamingo Coloring:

This bird is similar to the previous one. But alternation of color makes it undetectable. Fill the orange color to its body and make the beak with the coral color. As per mentioned outer lining is of black color. Make some special look by adding attractive colors to it.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step


  • Amazing Coloring for Flamingo:

It is time to add coral color to its body. Fill the beak with red color. In fact, looking very amazing. Make sure you place all the colors in the right place. Refine your coloring with great care. But don’t stress yourself to be perfect. Its just learning new.


  • Perfect Coloring Match:

This bird is looking awesome in this texture. This can be a perfect match for your school coloring competition. Drawing a flamingo isn’t hard if you follow this color scheme. Add salmon color to the flamingo body. Fill the yellow color to its feather. Matching your needs? Right! Going on with this work. At last, draw the beak with the coral color.

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step


  • Amazing Flamingo Drawing:

Last but not least. You can choose as many colors as you want. Extending your coloring section now choose light and bright sage color for this flamingo bird. Keep in mind the before filling make sure to complete the outer lining with black color. Orange color suits to flamingo beak. 

learn how to draw Flamingo step by step

Finally, here you done it? Great! How to draw a flamingo wasn’t hard task. You are an intelligent soul! We have published hundreds of cute birds, animals, sea creatures, insects and other drawings for you. By scrolling, you can find out your desired one. Art work is a skill itself you can put more time to get the real designs with our on going sketching series. 

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