How To Draw A Fox For Kids Step by Step – 2020- Easy Drawings Ideas

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In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a fox step by step. Drawing is a challenge for youngsters and beginners. Working on a particular object can be hard but with simple and easy step by step drawing guides, it becomes easier than before.   This is really a great art work and practices for your drawing work if you really mean to it.  You can complete this mission of this fox cartoon drawing in no time as you get a step by step guide. Take your mission with you and start work on it.

Step By Step Fox Drawing (Cartoon Fox)

Step by Step Drawing Tutorial Learn How to Draw A Fox for kids (1)

Once you have the ability to manage this cute drawing, you can draw any object easily. Keep focusing on other cute animal drawings too. Unless you lose them.

Expertise Needed:

Before starting this, you must know how to draw triangles, circles, and curves.  You can learn this with a little bit of effort. I recommend you to use a ruler.


  • A drawing paper, you can use a plain paper
  • An eraser of good quality
  • A pencil or marker
  • A ruler
  • Coloring kits (Optional)


 You must follow these instructions.

  • Work on your own way
  • Finish just in a while
  • Take easy and relax
  • Don’t go too fast
  • Do hard work
  • Be consistent 

How to Draw a Cartoon Fox Step by Step Easy Guide

Step 1:

Start off your fox easy drawing with a triangle shape. Make sure you draw a triangle in the middle of the paper. This is the fox body.

Learn how to draw fox step by stepStep 2:

Now pass an intersecting line through this triangle. Don’t worry if the intersecting line goes beyond the triangle shape. Later we can refine this work.

Learn how to draw fox step by stepStep 3:

Drawing a fox with step by step guide isn’t a difficult task to do. Now, in this step draw a circle for fox face.  See the image to get ideas of where to place a circle. Let’s go to the next one.

Learn how to draw fox step by stepStep 4:

In this step add an oval shape inside the triangle. This will be the perfect match for the fox body. No worry! Extra lines and curves will be removed as they are creating confusion.

Learn how to draw fox step by stepStep 5:

This step is very easy. You just need to draw a set of circles (A little bit oval) for ears.  Done! Great Work!

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Step 6:

You are working great to achieve a drawing of a fox. Draw a pair of small oval shapes for fox front feet.

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Step 7:

In this step for how to draw a fox, repeat the same step for rear feet. Done great work! Keep it up Kidco. You can also find Koala Bear Drawing. As we categories it in our wild animal drawing.

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Step 8:

This step is looking somehow tricky. But don’t worry; you just need to make the inner side circular. These curves define the limbs of the fox. Since you are drawing a sitting fox. Feel the ground realities. You are perusing your work of how to draw a fox. Good Work!

Learn how to draw fox step by stepStep 9:

This is a very important step. You can take your parents to help to complete this cute drawing. Steps need to be followed.

  • A small circle for a nose. You can draw a heart shape, triangle and wavy nose for this. It’s all about creativity kids.
  • Make the facial texture with the way as per given in the image see the image.
  • Draw an oval shape for foxtail. It is a bushy tail indeed.
  • Now draw a pair of hollow eyes.

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Step 10:

In this step, you need more refinement. Draw an inner line to ears, eyes, and nose to give it a perfect look.

  • A curve for fox mane appreciated if you draw it well
  • Remove the bushy tail to give it an edge. 

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Nice work!

Step 11:

You have almost completed your mission to draw a beautiful fox. 

Now, draw the simple wavy curves to front and rare feet.

  • Add little curves to the fox ear
  • A wavy line for fox bushy tail

Learn how to draw fox step by stepYou’re rocking and learn how to draw a fox. Done now.  Congratulations.  You have completed it successfully.

How to draw a fox for kids

Now it is time to add some beautiful colors to this cute fox. In this coloring section, you will learn How to draw colors in a fox.

Colors you need:

  1. Coral
  2. Sky blue
  3. Black
  4. Pink
  5. Yellow
  6. Pink
  7. Grey
  8. Maple
  9. Brown
  10. Blue

Beautiful Fox Drawing:

Start off you coloring in the fox body.  Now draw a coral color to its body. Make sure you have done this in a good manner. Now draw a sky blue color to its mane, front and rare foot. Draw the bushy tail with the same sky blue color. Are you done? Great!

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Attractive Fox:

You can attract your friends and teachers by adding yellow color to its body. Looks beautiful.  Draw pink color to its mane. A small touch of grey color to its eyes. Lips demand pink color too. At last, add coral color to its front and rare feet. Done! Good to find you intelligent beauty!

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Colorful Drawing for kids:

Here is the amazing creation by Easy Drawing Ideas. Fill the laurel color to this fox. Outstanding drawing indeed. Make a combination of sky blue. Add the sky blue color to its eyes, mane, front and rare feet, and pointed tail. Nice doing!

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Fox illustrations:

Do you find the best illustration over the internet? I hope no you aren’t. Draw the fox with brown color to give it a real look. Usually, a fox is of brown color. In fact, Colors may vary with countries and environmental factors.  Yellow color mane is looking so beautiful. to give a real look you must add yellow colors to its front and rare feet. You are Beauty! At last, attempt, draw a yellow color to the upper part of a bushy tail. Perfect match now! Go to the next one.

Learn how to draw fox step by step

Pinkish Fox:

Last but not least. Fill the pink color to the fox body. Don’t worry if the colors don’t match. A light grey color will be a perfect match for it. You can try it. If you don’t like it, there are hundreds of other colors you can choose. Draw the eyes with sky blue as the fox is staring from the darkness.

Learn how to draw fox step by step

You have successfully learned how to draw a fox in no time. Moreover, you have added beautiful colors to this cute fox. Great, it is!. You can find more wild animals drawing on this platform. Where hundreds of easy drawings Ideas are laying in front of you. You have great work with your best colored pencils.  Keep learning and keep practicing.

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