How To Draw A Grasshopper Step By Step – 2022

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Do you want to learn how to draw a grasshopper in 8 simple steps? Great! You are at the right place. Here you are gonna practice grasshopper drawing. It’s perfect for the beginners and the animal lovers.

Are you a grasshopper lover? Wow! Then you must have enjoyed the cartoon grasshopper bedtime story, “The Grasshopper and The Ants”.

Boost your knowledge:

  1. Grasshoppers belong to phylum Arthropoda in which insects have segmented bodies, exoskeleton (hard outer covering) and jointed legs. 


  1. Their body is segmented into three sections. 
  • The head 
  • the thorax 
  • Abdomen
  1. Grasshoppers sense touch through the palps and antennae present on the head region.
  2. Grasshoppers can jump only in forward direction. They cannot move backwards or sideways.


Let’s start with an amazing drawing tutorial. Relax your mind and best of luck for your cute grasshopper drawing. 


Material needed:

  • A good quality A4 sized paper sheet
  • A finely sharpened black pencil
  • An eraser
  • Colour pencils (green shade)


Helpful tip:

For becoming a good artist, try to put your imaginations on your page and play with colours in the way you love!


How To Draw A Grasshopper Step By Step

I have simply explained the colorful grasshopper drawing below. Practice it and make it more innovative with your beautiful creative mind. 


Happy learning!


Step 1:

Start with the head of the grasshopper. For it, draw an oval of small size. To make it more beautiful, draw the ends of the oval a little bit pointed. 


Since you are not a professional artist and the journey to become one is long, so just do not be worried about making a perfect drawing. This is just your first step and do remember! you can never achieve perfectness. You can only put your efforts to go near it.


Step 2:

In the next step, you will learn to draw the green insect’s eye. They are very easy to draw. Make two circles at the top mid of the oval. One circle should be in the oval completely and the other circle just slightly overlapping the oval. 


Step 3:

What mood is of your grasshopper? Is it happy or sad? Make your choice  and then complete the head of your grasshopper by adding a mouth. You can make it a smiling face or a gloomy one. By the way I am sure you will go for a happy faced green fellow.


Step 4:

You are done with the first section, the head. Now color the eye balls with black color to make them prominent. draw a very small curve that represent the grasshopper smile. See the image. Lets now draw the second and third parts and give it a final look. 



Step 5:

Draw a banana shaped abdomen of your hopper attached from the middle of the head from one side and very pointed from the rear side. to get the real image you need to follow the image.


Step 6:

In this step of how to draw a grasshopper step by step you just need to complete the abdominal body of the grasshopper. Great you have almost learnt how to play fair! keep it going kids!


Step 7:

Fix the wings. Draw two pairs of wings. In real, hindwings of grasshoppers are fan-like and are covered by two narrow leathery forewings. But in drawing lessons, you are free from any kind of restrictions.


Step 8:

Once you draw grasshopper wings then in this step you need to refine the work. Remove extra curves to make it more appealing. It shapes like two bananas are lying one another. See the image.


Step 9:

Bring out two curves to draw grasshopper legs. these two must be small. but before it’s drawing you need sharp your pencil first. because you are going to draw very thin legs.


Step 10:

Move towards appendages now. Since grasshoppers belong to the class hexapod, draw six jointed legs. These legs help the grasshoppers to hop and cover a good range. also, draw two curves at head to design antenna there. 


Step 11:

This is the second last step of grasshopper drawing. you are very close to this. To give your grasshopper a realistic look, draw two antennas at the top of its head. Antennas function just like your nose but they sense more details. Also, draw a pair of foot to make the grasshopper cartoon drawing. 


Step 12:

Yah! You achieved this goal to complete the grasshopper sketching. Color your drawing with different shades of green. Coloring will add more charm to your insect drawing and give it an amazing final look.

how to draw a grasshoper

Hurray! You have just learned how to draw a grasshopper step by step. I hope you like it.

What to do with your drawing:

I have got some wonderful suggestions for you:


  1. Keep on drawing more and decorate your room with your beautiful drawings. 
  2. Paste it on your room’s door. 
  3. Send it to your animal lover friend (zoophiles) as a gift.


Questions bursting your brain:

You might have queries related to grasshoppers and your mind might be popping up with questions. 

  1. Are grasshoppers dangerous?

Grasshoppers are actually not poisonous and they do not bite humans usually. However, some types of grasshopper bite humans only if they feel any danger. So, grasshoppers are not dangerous.

  1. What do grasshoppers eat?

Grasshoppers belong to herbivores so they eat plants’ leaves, stems, seeds and even flowers.

  1. What is the spiritual meaning of grasshopper?

Grasshoppers symbolize “good luck” throughout the world. They are the signs of abundance, wealth and prosperity.

  1. What is the life cycle of a grasshopper?

Life cycle of a grasshopper is different from other insects and is called incomplete metamorphosis. It has three stages, the egg, nymph and adult.


Also Practice:

if you really love drawing then Easy Drawing Ideas is the best blog to learn drawing. I personally add many drawings and now hundreds of children are learning here since I lunched this blog.easydrawingideas

I hope you enjoyed and learned with fun how to draw a grasshopper step by step. Search for more grasshopper images in your kids magazines and keep on exploring yourself!


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