How To Draw A Helicopter in Simple Steps – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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Its drawing time kids. Helicopter drawing for kids is one of the best missions for kids. In this tutorial, kids will learn how to draw a helicopter in no time. The art work have great impact on child’s daily activity. Awaking the interest of military and sacrifice for one’s homeland is very fascinating. Kids love to draw a helicopter to get more appreciations. 

Actually these machines are really captivating too. Wonder to know that these machines are used in Military interventions and help others to save lives. Having the ability to fly at the highest place, a helicopter can stay for a long time in the same position.

How To Draw A Helicopter For Kids

How to Draw A Helicopter For Kids Step by Step Easy Drawings Tutorials

This helicopter is no more than a toy drawing. You can find some sorts of a helicopter at your local toy shop or even at Walmart – Amazon. I will teach you how to draw a helicopter step by step guide, especially for kids. Grown can make some try for this easy drawing. You can find easy Truck Drawing in our sketching Tutorial. 

Let’s learn with simple and basic steps. Its simple, easy and fun. 

What you need: 

  • A paper to draw a helicopter
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An eraser
  • Colors kits ( Optional )

Helicopter Drawing Step By Step (Easy Instructions)

Step 1:

Firstly a round circle at the mid of the paper. This circle is the fuselage of the helicopter. 

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 2:

A smaller rectangular shape at the back of the helicopter fuselage.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 3:

In this easy step of drawing a helicopter, you need to add some special shape at the front. This will complete the helicopter body.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.Step 4:

This step is very easy you need to mark the rare body bent. When you are done bending then clear the outer lining for this amazing machine.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 5:

Complete the helicopter rare structure to give it an actual look. See the image for more realism.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 6:

Remove the extra lining to give it more beauty. You can learn to draw a Military, Vinci , Chinook, Black hawk, Huey, and Leonardo helicopter drawing. 

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 7: 

This step can be technical as you need to draw a circle right above the helicopter’s body. This circle is a rotor.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.Step 8:

This easy drawing step contains two steps.

  • Make the rotor wings to give it an actual look.
  • Sketch two vertical lines for landing skids.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.


Step 9:

Add one more circle that holds the rotor shaft. Complete the landing skids horizontal.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 10:

You have experienced the same thing in step 7. Draw a rare circle for the rotor.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 11:

Conjoin the shaft with the top rotor. Add a visual screen to this beautiful drawing. To clarify make a smooth pipeline structure at landing skids.

Step 12:

Certainly, you are doing great work. Keep doing until you get an amazing helicopter cartoon drawing. Attach rare fins to the rotor.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 13:

To add more beauty to this cute object simply add a smaller circle in the rare rotor.

Step 14:

You are only one step far to reach this wondrous easy drawing. A curve line that separates the landing skids form fuselage. See the image for more clarification.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 15:

Great work! This is the last step to follow. You can add a circular window pane. And check out the outer lining for every step. You can refine every single step with some special strokes.

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

Step 16:

It’s coloring time. Most importantly, you have the liberty to add colors to it. So after learning step by step drawing,  draw color to the helicopter.


Colors You Need:

  • Green
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Sky blue

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

  1. Firstly, Green color suits the fuselage.
  2. Fill the black color to rotors
  3. Sky blue color for upper and rare wings.
  4. Paint blue color to both windows.


Congratulations you have done now!  Making machinery drawing isn’t a difficult task to do until you get complicated parts. Hoping to end that this drawing tutorial you had fun while drawing a simple and easy helicopter. Keep enjoying & practicing.

Coloring Activities To Boost Creativity

Finally, For your coloring practice, we have added two more pictures. However, you are free thought to touch your imaginative colors. For more Easy Drawings Ideas stay with us.


Helicopter Sketching For Newbies

learn how to draw a helicopter for kids.

  • Paint the fuselage with yellow color.
  • Sky blue color for landing skids.
  • Window panes can be grey.
  • Pint color suits the rotors.
  • Wings must be blue.


Best Colorful Helicopter

After successful drawing adds some color to signify its worth.

Pint color suits the rotors


  • The pink color will be for the fuselage
  • The rotor can be painted black color
  • Yellow window pane looks superb
  • Fill orange landing skids

You have successfully learned how to draw a helicopter for kids in no time. Keep visiting this blogs for more easy drawings tutorials. This will surely help you to master of  art work.


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