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It is considered as the best drawing challenge for kids! Kids are you ready for this art work ? Hippo or hippopotamus drawing isn’t tricky for you. In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a hippopotamus in no time. Keeping in mind that this drawing only based on a cool hippo face. In the further Easy Drawings, you can find this creature with a full body. This will help your child to grow in their drawing class.  

Step By Step Hippo Drawing For Kids

Kids might feel fear while facing the hippo but here this big and slow wild creature drawing isn’t hectic work to do. This tutorial really helps you to learn how to draw a hippopotamus or a hippopotamus face. You can find this big animal on land and water too. 

how to draw a hippopotamus
Only 9 steps drawing of hippo will turn your hands to professional designer hand. Take some responsibility to work like a professional. You will earn fame soon.

The material you need:

  1. A drawing paper
  2. A good quality eraser
  3. A pencil or marker
  4. Coloring kits (Optional)

How to Draw a Hippopotamus Step by Step Easy Guide

Instructions to Follow:

  • Time required: One hour Approx. (But it may differ age to age).
  • Consistency and hard work.
  • Polish your oval and circle shape drawing expertise.

Step 1:

By starting this cute hippo drawing, draw an oval shape for the hippo face. Don’t worry you are drawing a hippo very first time so don’t find your real work as a whole.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 2:

Drawing a hippo face is really as simple as ABC. In this step draw a round circle with the help of some compass that intersects the oval shape. You can find a complete information about Hippopotamus health.  


learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 3:

You can make this drawing beautiful by adding a set of ear, slightly oval shapes at the head. Make sure these ear positions must be in the right place. If not you can use your eraser.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 4:

By continuing how to draw a hippopotamus easy guides, your work need to be refined.

  • Remove the extra shape that is covering the hippo’s mouth. 
  • Draw the hippo ear smooth and easy to understand.

See the image for your satisfaction. 

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 5:

Draw a pair of eyes that is tangent to this cute hippo. Make sure you draw them hollow in this step. Later on, and iris will be added to them.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 6:

Smile is the beauty of any creature. Draw a lip curve to the face. When you are done see your creative work.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 7:

This step is wholly obvious too. A pair of nostrils isn’t a hard thing to achieve. You are doing great. Make the outline for both nose hole. Add pupils to hippo eyes; since they are hollow eyes.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 8:

You are almost done! This step is quite easy. Just make sure that you add two small inner shapes to the hippo’s ears. This step is only to increase hippo beauty. You can skip or continue with this.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Step 9:

LOL, this step seems to be funny. Hippo never uses these teeth for eating. These teeth can defend him while danger. Draw two teeth just below the lip line. To get the same thing you must see the image.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

Congratulations! You have done a hippo drawing for kids with these easy 9 steps. The next step will touch your creativity. As here are some coloring activities. This is totally an optional work to do after this cute and funny hippo face drawing. If you want a bulky drawing similar to this then here a SNOWMAN DRAWING (LINK ) can also entertain you.  

Colors you need:

After learning how to draw a hippo. Turn yourself for following coloring activities you need these colors. Keep in mind that these colors will only fill the following coloring pursuits. For other coloring schemes, you have the choice to choose colors as per your will. 

  1. Brown
  2. Pink
  3. Purple
  4. Black
  5. Light green


1. Coloring a Hippo

 Let’s see what will you do for hippo coloring. As you have done the perfect match of hippo. Now it’s time to add some beauty. Fill brown color to the face. Keep the nose and inner ear circles pink. Mark the outer lining with black color. Pupils and eyes colors must be black and white according to this drawing.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step

2. Coloring a Hippo with fun

Here is the time for a pinkish hippo. By continuing your work fill pink color to the hippo. Add light green color to nostrils and ear inner structure. Hippo outer lining and smile curve must be of black color. Now, this easy drawing is looking cool! Right? 

learn how to draw a hippo step by step


3. Beauty with eye-catchy colors:

Here you can find this hippo face with purple color. While filling color don’t worry if colors go out of the face boundary line. You can be perfect by practicing more. 

  • Mark the outer lining with black color.
  • Fill the black crayons in hippo nostrils.
  • As usual, pupils must be black.

learn how to draw a hippo step by step


Some interesting fun facts about Hippo:

Here are some fun facts about the hippo you may like. read them and share with your fellow being about this amazing creature.

how to draw a hippopotamus

  1. Hippo can’t swim or float. They find sandbanks to stay.
  2. A hippo can hold breathe approximately for seven minutes.
  3. It is considered as the third largest animal on earth.
  4. Their estimated life span is 40 year
  5. Hippo uses their sharp teeth for fighting. 

At last, you have learned how to draw a hippopotamus for kids. Best Hippo Art work is done by continuing effort on it.  You can find other amazing Drawing work for your kids to get more creativity.

And you can also learn Rhinoceros Drawing.

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