How To Draw A Kangaroo Step-by-Step For Kids – Jumping Champ – 2022

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In this quick step by step drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a kangaroo step by step for kids. Working on Kangaroo Art is so friendly as these guys are friendly too. This is an amazing job. You just need to be consistent to get your work done at home. You can explore and by spending more time on other cartoon drawings as well. By using this way, you can get famous among your friends.

How To Draw A Kangaroo Step By Step

how to draw a kangaroo step by step


Everybody loves Drawings so you can think out of the box. Make your favorite hand made sketch cartoon drawing and give your friend or any other family member along with birthday present. We have arranged multiple Easy Drawings Ideas on this blog to help you. You can choose according to your will. 


  • A Drawing paper (You can choose simple paper)
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An eraser
  • Crayons kits ( Optional )


You can complete step by step drawing guide with these following guidance.

  • Do real work until you get done.
  • Make more attempts (For practice)
  • Be consistent while drawing
  • Do some hard work

Let’s start work!

How to Draw a Cartoon Kangaroo Step by Step Easy Guide

Step 1:

Start your drawing lesson by drawing a circle. The circle must be in the middle of the paper. Next, you need to draw an oval shape right above the circle.

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Step 2:

Now make the best kangaroo illustration, joining the oval shape with a circle.

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by stepStep 3:

A very easy step to follow. 

  • Drawing elbow shape lines represent the kangaroo legs.
  • Draw a small circle for the eye.

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

In this kangaroo, drawing is standing so make you adjust according to this image. See the image for better perceptions.


Step 4:

Drawing a kangaroo with these step by step guides won’t take a long time. In this step follow the image to get best results.

  • Draw a round circle that holds the leg’s weight
  • Draw a small circle for the forearm. 
  • Add pupil to the kangaroo eye
  • Make a nose curve
  • Draw a lip curve

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Step 5:

In this step for how to draw a kangaroo step by step, there is a need to refine your work. Draw forearm curves to give it a delighted look. Great work! Finally, refine your standing point. 

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Step 6:

Remove the extra lines and mark the forearm clear. Nice work. You are going great! The great news is that you can learn Cute cartoon kangaroo drawing and Easy kangaroo in the same way. 

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Step 7:

Now draw a long curve line for kangaroo tail. This is an important part of kangaroo cartoon drawing. Make it simple and easy to understand.

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Step 8:

Before following this step have you observed that this kangaroo looks as bald. LOL. See the previous step. 

  • Now, draw two long ears to kangaroo’s head.
  • Complete the kangaroo’s tail with care. 
  • Add a small circle for right forearm

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Make sure that this cute drawing reflects your best work.


Step 9:

It is time to give a perfect look. Draw a right limb for the foot. Similarly, add the right forearm as you drawn left one. Mark, it arranged the refining of ears. 

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

As you are close to complete this cute kangaroo drawing. Draw every step with great care. 


Step 10:

This step is very simple to follow. No hard work being demanded in this step. Just work on your way. Refresh the right arm. Nice! You always light up a room.

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Step 11:

You are almost done. Add some little curves to kangaroo forearms and feet. See the image if you plan to get a real image like this. By continuing your work add a small oval shape inside the kangaroo’s ear. 


learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

Great work. Your drawing is the best example for others. You have done easy drawing with the help of step by step drawing tutorials. do you ever find other wild animals drawings as Zebra Drawing & Hippo Drawing for kids. if not then you can make fun of these at this art club. 


Coloring Activities Schemes:

how to draw a kangaroo step by step

After completing your how to draw a kangaroo step by step, you must add some creativity to this work. Color them since your drawing is best. You can bring it to get affection from your fellow beings, teacher and parents. Indeed a marvelous work it is. Moreover, whether you choose watercolors, crayons or use pencil colors; it’s is totally your choice. 

Colors you need:

  1. Orange
  2. Yellow
  3. Black
  4. Purple
  5. Purple Indigo

Let’s Fill Colors

  1. Kangaroo  Beautiful Drawing:

A combination of beautiful colors can express your creativity. But for this cool and amazing drawing fill the orange color. Make sure that you have completed kangaroo’s outer lining with black color. 

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step


2.Amazing Colorful Kangaroo

For this great Kangaroo illustration. Fill the yellow color. Outstanding. A great look. Draw the kangaroo pupil in black color. You can use black color for the outer lining too. 

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step

3. Easy Kangaroo Coloring

A great coloring work can be done if you add purple color to this friendly animal. Repeat the same coloring scheme as you did in the previous step. Add black color for its outer lining. The pupil must be black. See the image. 

learn how to draw kangaroo easy step by step


4. Perfect Coloring Example

This animal also deserves some amazing color. As this is only a cartoon kangaroo easy drawing. These coloring schemes are optional. You can work in your own way. Fill the indigo purple color to it. Draw the pupil and outer lining with black color. Yeah done. Best coloring drawing have been done. Congrats kids! 

You go above and beyond always. You have successfully learned easy how to draw a kangaroo step by step. Just keep the practice of it. I think your expertise defines you as a great illustrator or the best designer at after all. By learning this feel once that your work is refreshing yourself or not. For more drawing tutorials keep visiting us. 

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