How To Draw A Koala – Best Koala Drawing – Easy Drawings Ideas

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Does this beautiful koala art work surprise you or not ? Let’s have some fun! Today, I’ll show you how to draw a koala for kids. You used to draw different koala bear drawings before reaching here. Our drawing community will serve you surely. And you can find here the best sketching lesson where you can draw easy koala bear in a simple step by step guide. The determination didn’t stop here as we have a great collection of Easy Drawings Ideas. You just need to explore it. 

Step By Step Koala Drawing For Kids

how to draw a koala for kids

Don’t worry while drawing this amazing mammal. You need some attempts to reach your goal. It’s a perfect match when you see your goal. Ride in a smooth way! Its a quite natural to make some attempts to reach somewhere. Don’t panic if you didn’t get your drawing at your first attempts. Keep learning to keep practicing.


Basic Requirements:

  • A drawing paper
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An Eraser
  • Crayons  (optional)

How to Draw a Koala Step by Step Easy Guide


You can follow step by step drawing guide to getting your real koala drawing.

  • Be consistent
  • Do some hard work
  • Make more attempts
  • Do real work

Step 1:

In this first step of drawing a koala bear, you need to draw a circular shape. But a little lump at the upper side. Great work!

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 2:

Following the how to draw a koala bear guide, draw a set of hollow eyes. As this is the initial stages of this drawing.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 3:

Now add a nose of a koala bear. The nose shape for this image is similar to water drop. But you can choose a triangle, a heart shape or any pointed object. You aim to complete this koala bear drawing.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 4:

In this step follow up the points that are mentioned below

  • Draw a pair of two ears for koala bear
  • Add pupils to eyes for a better look.
  • Mark the outer lining clear and obvious

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 5:

By continuing your work with how to draw a koala bear step by step guide, make the ear shape wavy and add lip line. This is also symbolizing the smile curve. 

learn how to draw koala step by step


Step 6:

Draw the koala bear body. Make sure that this body attached to the neck. This seems to be a circular shape. Follow the image.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 7:

Draw a right arm for the koala. Later on, this arm linked with a tree. As this drawing showing that koala is climbing up a tree. You can analyze further steps by scrolling up other steps.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 8:

Draw a right koala limb. It is a not quite circular shape. Keep tracing as you are drawing a koala bear with easy and step by step guides.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 9:

In this step add a small circle for koala foot. This shape will be dissolved to become a koala bear foot. You can soon be able to see reality. 

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 10:

When you are done with its rough sketching. Now make the arm and leg limbs more clear. A perfect match of a koala bear.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 11:

You are almost done! And one step far to accomplish your koala drawing. By continuing your work and draw an outer lining around the ears. See the image for better results.

learn how to draw koala step by step

Step 12:

Finally, this is the last step for koala drawing. Make a wooden sketch. When you are done now you must attach the koala bear to the tree. Have a look at the image as a koala bear climbing up a tree. It is similar to Amazing Panda Drawing. 

learn how to draw koala step by step


After this easy koala drawing. It is time to refine your work. Remove the extra curves and line so the koala bear looks amazing. You can take your teachers or parents to help to refine your work. In fact, this is compulsory. In this way, you can find yourself appreciated everywhere. Noted! 

how to draw a koala for kids

After successfully drawing a koala bear here are some coloring activities. You have the freedom to choose colors. But for this drawing, you need the following colors.

  • Mustard (Dark & Light)
  • Yellow (Dark & Light)
  • Blue-grey
  • Brown
  • black


  1. Koala Bear Coloring

Fill the mustard color to the koala bear’s body. Just make sure to make the nose, and the inner ear structure contains a dark mustard color. The tree where this mammal is climbing, the color should be dark brown as shown in the picture. 

learn how to draw koala step by step


         2.Koala fun Drawing

In this step add a yellow color to the koala body. You can add dark yellow in ears and nose while coating it twice or thrice. Tree color would be the same as in the previous step. Don’t worry if colors go out while drawing this animal. It’s your practice time.

learn how to draw koala step by step

           3.Koala Bear Design

Filling the colors with blue-grey color to add special beauty to this cute animal. Mark the outer lining and pupils black. Fill the brown color in a tree with great care. However, you don’t need to be perfect as you are making practice for to draw a koala


You have successfully learned how to draw a koala bear. You can find another most appealing drawing lesson. These step by step guides will make you a professional worker. It was amazing experience about this art work. Make sure to do work with great zeal and zest. Here we have also Monkey drawing.

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