Learn How To Draw A Ladybug For Kids – 2022 – Easy Cartoon Drawing

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Easy LadyBug Drawing For Kids

Do you really love drawing bugs? A unique one is waiting for you. Learn how to draw a ladybug for kids. You can imagine this cute bug drawing and can boost your confidence. Crawling creatures can’t forget while drawing.  By following easy and simple step by step guidance, you will end up learning how to draw a ladybug. 

Drawing Process:

This creeping creature is not a bug but it can fly. You can draw it very easily if you follow our step by step drawing guides. You have to polish your drawing skills and in the end, you can hand on to color on those. However, it is an optional work but it totally linked with your creativity. Kids are more creative and imaginative. So you can make some landmarks by keeping this up. 

Step by Step easy ladybug drawing for kids - cartoon little ladybug drawing

What you need:

  • A sharp edge pencil
  • A paper for easy drawing
  • A fine eraser
  • Colorful pencils (Optional)

Instructions to follow:

If you are consistent in your drawing practices then I’ll assure you that it’s not hard work to do. Don’t be trying to perfect. It’s your basic start and you will be master after drawing practices and smart work. 

Time needed:

Half an hour but it may vary from beginners to grown-up.  

How to Draw a Ladybug Step by Step Easy Guide

Let’s take a start!

Step 1:

 Bring life to ladybug by sketching an oval shape for its body. Try to put this oval shape in the middle of the paper so you can add good reflection to your drawing.

How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 2:

Now draw a small circle at the top of the oval shape. This circle intersects the oval shape. See the image below to get a better idea.

How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 3:

To give it a perfect look remove the inner part of that circle. It’s the head of a ladybug, so you have learned how to draw the head of the ladybug. Keep doing kids! 

How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 4:

A horizontal intersecting line needs to be drawn. This line defines the ladybug feathers. More interesting to know that this little bug can fly too.

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 5:

This step needs less attention as you just make a couple of small circles to give it more beauty. Trace the image for better understandings. In this drawing practice, we placed 3 small circles. Choose your own.

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 6:

A pair of eyes will be enough for this little champ. Make sure you have placed them in the right direction. 

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 7:

In this step of easy ladybug drawing, you will put less energy into this sketching step. Just draw two curved antennae to give it a real look. 

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 8:

A pair of small hollow circles at the antenna tip. These circles are similar to circles that you have drawn in step 6.

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

Step 9:

Congratulations! Here you have done. A cute ladybug drawing for kids is done within 9 easy steps.

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

Learn How To Draw Colors in Cartoon Ladybug

Coloring Activities:

Step by Step easy ladybug drawing for kids - cartoon little ladybug drawing

The game isn’t over here. Something creative needs to be done. Here are some coloring activities for you. You can skip this step and move towards another bug, and learn how to draw a little bug.  After coloring, you can feel somehow a creative guy. You can trace colors on your own wish. It is totally up to you whether you choose red, black or some other colors.

Color needed:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brick
  • Orange
  • Yellow

 Attractive Ladybug Drawing:

This hand made sketching can be more attractive and charming if you can add a more colorful life to it. For this drawing, you need to make the outer line with black color. Fill the head section with black color but eyes remain unchecked as they are of white color. No doubt there would be some color of ladybug’s eyes but in this easy step by step drawing white dots are looking nice. 

Fill the whole body with red color except small circles that you have drawn in step 5. In your last make the ladybug antennas black. Great work! 


1. Colorful Ladybug Sketching:

Don’t stress too much about the color combination. Here you can choose colors on your own wish. Here are some colorful drawing objects for you. Don’t hesitate to choose them. In this coloring, a ladybug section, fill the whole body with blue color but remain unchecked the red dots. You can see in the image. Draw color in ladybug’s head and antenna with red.


learn How to draw lady bug step by step

2. Beautiful Ladybug for Kids:

Orange ladybug will be favorite in someone’s mind. Here we will draw the same ladybug with orange color. Make a contrast between orange and black. Firstly you need to fill the orange color to its body. Now fill the black color to its head and small circles in the body. Keep in mind that while drawing eyes of ladybug you must be left a pair of eyes without color. See the image.

learn How to draw lady bug step by step

3. Charming Drawing for kids:

This one is the masterpiece. Above all are really awesome but personally I like it most. As this is the best color to choose for this cute ladybug. Draw yellow color to its body as red dots would be drawn later on. Don’t worry if your colors go out of its body. It’s your practice time. Moreover, you can remove the extra curves at the last. learn How to draw lady bug step by step



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