How To Draw A Moon For Kids (Moon & Stars) – 2020

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Moon drawing! You also want to be an Astronaut. Keep in touch with us. Kids love to see the moon along with stars.  Neil Armstrong was the first who landed on the moon. In this step by step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a moon easy along with stars. As they find it very friendly as compared to sun drawing. But both have importance in our life.

Kids, we can’t deny the importance of anything and can’t give priority to one object to others. So let’s make a try and draw this space object with great care.

Step by Step easy moon stars drawing for kids - cartoon moon drawing

How To Draw A Moon Step By Step For Kids

Drawing easy moon and star – you will face the main difference when every phase of easy moon drawing is applied to the paper. It’s a cute drawing for kids. Our step by step guides make you master of any drawing lying on Easy Drawings Ideas. It has been always audience-pleasing. Keep visiting. 



For this easy moon drawing, you need the following items to get your real image.

  • A blank paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • A compass
  • Coloring kits (Optional)


Before starting kids drawing, you must learn how to draw a circle

  1. You can take pauses while drawing
  2. Coloring is for your free time
  3. Be consistent while working
  4. Make it more beautiful
  5. Draw with attention

Let’s start your dream work!

Moon Drawing For Kids In 6 Steps

Step 1:

In the very first step for cartoon moon drawing, you draw to a circle. This circle must not be big enough as we are going to draw an average moon.

How to draw moon step by step

Step 2:

Now make a proper moon sketch and split it down in a curve way. You can take your teacher to help to get it done. Make sure you have split it in the right manner.

How to draw moon step by step

Step 3:

After refinement adds two circles for this funny moon. The right circle is comparatively bigger than the left one.

How to draw moon step by step

Step 4:

Add two pupils (Iris) to moon eyes. LOL. Have you ever see a moon with eyes.  Draw these pupils in such a way that show the moon is looking at the right side.

How to draw moon step by step

Step 5:

Add a smile curve right below the moon’s eyes. You can use a wavy line, a star, or any small shape for its smile. You are doing great work. don’t worry if you make a mistake; it’s your practice time.

Step 6:

You are almost done. Add some crackers flash shapes around this moon. See the image.  You are done. Great work!

How to draw moon step by step

Best Moon Coloring Activities For Newbie

How to draw a moon and stars for kids Beautiful moon Coloring Activities

It’s your coloring time kids. In this cute drawing section, you will learn, How to draw colors in the moon and stars. Pick up the following colors to make it more beautiful.

  1. Yellow
  2. Purple
  3. Pink
  4. Green
  5. Coral

Moon & Stars Friendship

Fill the yellow colors to moon and crackers boom shapes. Pupils and smile curve must be of black color. If you give black outer lining to it then you are a great designer. Move to the next one kids.

How to draw moon step by step

Moon Attractive Illustration

This is looking very cute. Draw purple color to this curved moon. You can add more beauty to these crackers flashes. Fill these small starry shapes with yellow, green and pink color.

How to draw moon step by step

Pinkish Moon Drawing

The pink color will work if you draw it in a clean way. Fill the pink color to it and starry shapes will be covered with blue, yellow and coral color. You can choose as many colors as you want. It’s up to you.

How to draw moon step by step


You have successfully learned how to draw a moon for kids in easy way. By following our step by step drawing guides you can become the master of art. Feel free to draw these cute things. This art work practice will help you to find more fame. 

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