How To Draw A Panda Step by Step – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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learn how to draw a panda step by step for kids - Easy drawing Ideas

Whooo! Drawing a funny panda cartoon in simple steps is not just a dream. By using simple easy to follow drawing steps, you can learn it. Your today’s mission is to learn how to draw a panda step by step.  It needs your full effort. The beauty of the forest; panda lovers come here.  Surely you can land a panda on your drawing paper. As you see the giving panda illustration is not tricky. You must have consistency in your work.

Step By Step Panda Drawing For Kids

Unleash your imagination and work with zeal and zest to get your real hero panda. This is not a Kung Fu Panda, but it really requires a passion for Kung Fu panda. Later on, we’ll focus on Kung Fu panda drawing.


Have you ever find yourself for great illustration and real artwork. I can help you to find more beautiful drawing on this blog. Art is just fun and second to none. You can trace or make sketch of any animal by following our step by step drawing tutorials. Here you can learn how to draw a fluffy cartoon panda in no time. Yeah, it’s all about your imaginations. 

how to draw a panda step by step for kids - Easy drawing Ideas

How to Draw a Panda Step by Step Easy Guide:

Let’s start your imaginative work.

Material You Need:

  • A marker or pencil.
  • An eraser
  • A Drawing paper
  • Coloring kits (Optional)


The time needed: 1 hour.
(This is the estimated time for kids. However, it vary from kids to grown.)


Step 1:

In this first step for how to draw a panda step by step for kids your mission is to sketch a circle with a smooth pencil. This round circle represents the panda face.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawing

Step 2:

Add a small circle into the big circle for panda’s mouth. Don’t stress to be perfect just do it with fun.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawing

Step 3:

In this step, you will learn how to draw a panda eye. Make sure to draw a small circle at left side right above the mouth. See the image for a better understanding.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawing

Step 4:

By connecting with your intelligence, draw a hollow circle for the right eye. You are doing great work!

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawingStep 5:

Add black iris to both eyes as the panda is looking to the right side. Take a look at image for realism.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawing

Step 6:

In this step for how to draw a panda, add a bat sign curve nose is looking very amazing. Draw the nose with great care.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawingStep 7:

By serving each step with great attention you will be able to draw a cute panda. Draw a lip curve to give it an actual look.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawingStep 8:

Add the oval shape to the right eye for illustration. Make sure you didn’t skip any line.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawingStep 9:

Do the mirror illustration for the left eye. Great Work!

Step 10:

This step seems to be very easy. Continue your working with right ear.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawingStep 11:

Enjoying the same step as step 10. Draw a mirror image of panda’s left ear. Keep in mind that all these shapes must be in a round way.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawingStep 12:

After completing the upper part now comes to the panda’s body. On the body draw another circle for the belly. The stomach of the panda is usually colored in white.

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawing

Step 13:

Now it is time to work on panda’s arm. A small circular edge defines the right arm. In this drawing both arms and legs are visible.

Step 14:

 Here is a piece of good news! Simple trace the left arm. It is looking as the panda is waving at someone. Maybe it is you! LOL!

Step 15:

Don’t cover the panda’s legs. Make them obvious. In real cases, panda covers his legs. Sketch the left leg as you have both arms.


Step 16:

This step is very simple. Just add a right leg to complete its sketch. Make sure you didn’t skip any line or curve. Nice Work!

learn how to draw a panda step by step easy drawing

Step 17:

Finally, you have reached to last step of panda illustration. Draw a small bulge of panda’s tail. As you experience, drawing a panda is not difficult but a source of fun. I hope you will enjoy our other drawing series. Likewise Hippopotamus drawing


Step 18:

Normally a panda has white fur to its body but the ears, mouth, arms, and feet are normally of black fur. Draw these colors to get the actual work. Fill the pink color to its snout. You can choose other beautiful animal drawings at Easy Drawing Ideas. 

You have successfully learned how to draw a panda step by step by following Easy Drawing Guide. Keep drilling until you feel a sense of thankfulness from your parents and friends.  

It’s time to fill colors in panda. We give you a choice to add color to this beautiful creature on your own. But for this image, you need

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink

Moreover, this is the cartoon panda drawing. You have liberty to add beautiful colors to its body. 

  • The black color is for panda’s ears, eyes illustrations, arms, and feet.
  • Blue color maybe suits the body.
  • Fill pink to its nose.
  • Make sure you covered the panda with black outer lining too.

2: Panda

After the successful panda coloring, one more cool panda waiting for you.

  • Choose a grey color for eye illustration.
  • Fill the grey to its arms, feet, and ears.
  • Fill the light light brown color to panda’s face to give it a professional look.
  • Red color for its snout.

In conclusion, you have learned how to draw a panda step by step for kids. Do you really have fun while drawing a panda? I wish you did. Have fun this step by step drawing lessons. Never hesitate to do practice when you feel necessary. You will find yourself for the glorious deal of art work. Good Luck! 


Charlie Brown

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