How To Draw A Pterodactyl (For Kids in Simple Steps) – 2022

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You have a mission to complete this pterodactyl drawing for kids. Form the family of dinosaurs they are still alive but not harmful. You will learn how to draw a pterodactyl for kids with step by step guide. This is not a hard job for you. Especially when you have easy drawing guides to complete this mission. This art work practice can make you expert in drawing cool objects. 

Step by Step easy pterodactyl drawing for kids - cartoon pterodactyl drawing

How To Draw A Pterodactyl For Kids

You must be quite happy with the news that our number of drawings for kids is increasing day by day. We have hundreds of cute animal and bird drawings for kids and beginners. You can track more guides from this platform. Every lesson can become easy when you get the idea of a way out.


For this cute drawing, you need the following items.

  • A blank paper (Drawing)
  • Coloring kits (Optional)
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A ruler

Step By Step Pterodactyl Drawing Instructions (Easy Guide)


  1. Before starting kids drawing, you must learn how to draw a circle
  2. You can take pauses while drawing
  3. Be consistent while working
  4. Stay motivated
  5. Do smart work

Let’s start your dream work!


Step 1:

Firstly, draw an oval shape. This shape defines the pterodactyl body.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 2:

For its head draw another oval shape at some distance. Make sure you have drawn the oval shapes in the right manner.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 3:

For this easy bird, conjoin these both oval shapes with a pair of curved lines.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 4:

In this step of pterodactyl easy drawing, draw its long beak. Have you done? Great you are.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 5:

For tail feathers, you need to draw a special texture. It should be more appealing and attractive. 

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 6:

Add a small curve to its head. It is looking like an aircraft. 

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 7:

 Add a small curve for its lower part of the beak. You are doing well kids.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 8:

By continuing your work on how to draw a pterodactyl, refine your work to add more beauty to its beak. Now it is a perfect match.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 9:

Draw two circles for pterodactyl bulging eyes. The left eye is comparatively bigger than the right one. Moreover, it is the pterodactyl drawing while flying.


Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 10:

In this easy step draw a small curve in its beak. Appealing and attractive bird now. You have completed its body by following only 10 steps.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 11:

Its flying time. LOL. Make your pterodactyl fly now. You can add a left-wing as of some airplane wing. See the image.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 12:

Refine your work and remove the extra lines. Great it is!

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 13:

Repeat the same step for right-wing. This is comparatively small than the right one.  You can see the difference. 

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 14:

This drawing step is very interesting and easy. Draw a heart-shaped front feet.  It is looking as pterodactyl has hidden his feet under wings. If you have the same perception then it’s great to know.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

Step 15:

You have almost done. Draw wavy curves for rare feet. Draw them with care. Don’t hesitate if you made a mistake; it’s your practice time. Take it easy and relax.

Learn How to draw pterodactyl step by step

 Coloring Schemes For Kids and Beginners: 

Learn How to draw a pterodactyl for kids Beautiful pterodactyl Coloring Activities

After this step by step pterodactyl cartoon drawing, resonance more creativity to your work. In this section, you will learn how to draw colors in pterodactyl. However, it is totally an optional work. You can skip it or can do it in your spare time.  For colorful drawing choose the given color.

  1. Clay
  2. Coral
  3. Orange
  4. Black
  5. Brick
  6. Pink
  7. Yellow
  8. Blue
  9. Purple

Attractive Pterodactyl Easy Drawing

For this image, draw the brick color to pterodactyl body. Make the colors astonishing and bright for beauty. Draw orange color to its front and rare feet. If you outer line this bird with black color then it will be more appealing and attractive.

how to draw preodactyl step by step

Best Illustration Work for Pterodactyl

This is looking very cute. Fill the yellow color to its body. The brick color will suit the front and rare feet. Normally the birds have the same feet color. Pupils are already black. Make sure you have added brick color for its mouth opening. Take a look at this image.

how to draw preodactyl step by step

Pterodactyl Funny Drawing

In this image, it is looking as a twittering bird. Add sky blue color to this bird. Draw the coral color to its front and rare feet. Fill the brick color for the mouth opening. As usual, outer lining of this drawing of black color. Do you like to learn How to draw a flamingo bird in easy steps. 

how to draw preodactyl step by step


Easy coloring on Pterodactyl

This colorful drawing is a combination of purple and coral colors. Outstanding this work is. Fill the purple color to its body. The coral color will suit if you fill its front and rare feet. Mouth opening will be of pink color. Finalize your work by adding a black outer line. Nice work!

how to draw preodactyl step by step



You have successfully learned how to draw a pterodactyl bird in no time. You can find more easy drawings lessons on this platform. We have placed hundreds of step by step drawing lesson for kids and beginners. Moreover, youngsters sand grown can also get benefit from this.

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