How to Draw a Rhinoceros : Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorials – 2020

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Rhino drawing is the best illustrations about wild life art work. By using simple rectangles and square boxes you can be the master of rhino.  In this drawing lesson, I’ll teach you how to draw a rhinoceros wild animal. Rhino Cartoon drawing isn’t hard work to do. You can find your favorite rhino by sticking to this. 

how to draw a rhino

A heavyweight and fragile wild animal indeed. Their count is decreasing day by day. Since it had been an alarming issue for other wild animals too. It is very tragic to lose the friendly animals. So why don’t you try how to draw a nice rhinoceros for beginners or newbies by following this step by step guide. Kids love to draw cute and amazing animals. 

Material You Need:

  • A Drawing paper you can use simple paper
  • A marker or pencil.
  • An eraser
  • Coloring kits (Optional)

How to Draw a Rhino For Kids In Simple Steps


  • The time needed: 1 hour
    (This is the estimated time for kids. However, it may vary from kids to grown)
  • Become the master or rectangular structure

Stay motivated while drawing

  • Do hard and smart work
  • Complete once in a while
  • Be consistent 


Let’s start your imaginative work.


Step 1:

In the very first step, draw a rectangle shape in the middle of the paper. This shape will transform into a rhino body.

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing Step 2:

By continuing your work, you need to draw another inclined rectangle shape. This part will cover the rhino mouth.

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing

Step 3:

A simple step indeed. Now give these rectangles rounded edges. Since they are rectangular. See the image. 

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing

Step 4:

Refine to make them smooth and attractive. Keeping in mind that it’s a cartoon rhino drawing. Do you know more wild desert Camel Easy Drawing.

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing


Step 5:

You are doing amazing drawing work. Now, proceeding your work add a pair of boxes for rhino legs. 

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing


Step 6:

Draw an oval shape to make a rhinoceros or rhino left ear. 

Now, draw the small rounded shapes for feet. It will be refined in the upcoming steps.

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing


Step 7:

In this step, you need to draw a circle for the eye, a reverse triangle shape nose and a curve for the tail. Make sure you perform these tasks perfectly. If you don’t then don’t worry. Real things take time. 

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing

Step 8:

You are close to your mission. Follow the given points.

  1. Make a smile curve
  2. Draw the right ear
  3. Add a pupil.

Step 9:

This the last step for how to draw a rhino or rhinoceros. If you really put your effort into this cute drawing you have an intelligent soul. To give it final touch you must add the following sub points.

  • Draw two small curves for rhino’s front and rare feet
  • Add a small oval shape inside the ear
  • Draw the rhino tail more prominent
  • Draw a small circle for a nose

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing


Congratulations! You are done. Now it is time to add some creativity to this work. In these steps, you will learn how to color in a rhino. 

how to draw a rhino

For the following rhino illustrations, you need the following colors. Moreover, you can choose colors according to your own will. You have full freedom to choose colors. 

Colors You Need:

  1. Grey
  2. Black
  3. Skyblue
  4. Blue
  5. Coral
  6. Brown
  7. Yellow
  8. Pink


Beautiful Rhino Drawing:

It is time to color in Rhino. After this successful rhino easy drawing fills the grey color to Rhino. Usually, a rhinoceros is of grey color. To add more beauty to this beautiful animal fill black color to represent its nose. Make the pupil black. Fill the dark grey colors in its inner ears, tail tip and Feet curves. Make sure you fill the rhino body with proper base colors. Done! Great work!

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing


Colorful Rhinoceros:

This time is for blue. Add the blue colors to the rhino body. You are doing great work! Make the outer lining with black color. Add dark blue color to its inner ear, feet curves and tail. See the image. Don’t feel embarrassed if the color goes out of the body. You can erase them.

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing

Amazing Coloring in Rhinoceros:

The coral color will suffice in Rhino. You can see the rhinoceros image after your work. Don’t worry if you don’t find your desired colors. You can fill any colors to boost your creativity. Now fill the coral color to Rhinoceros body. Make sure to add brown color in ear and nose hole.

Don’t forget to make the tail and feet curves with brown color. Yeah great! You are really awesome kid. Let’s move on to the next one. This will be your last.

learn how to draw rhino step by step drawing

Cool Rhino Drawing:

This one is last but not least. You can find more Easy Drawings Ideas for this platform. Since you have learned easy rhino drawing or rhinoceros in simple and easy steps. Now draw the yellow color to the rhino body. Make sure by hard color pencil strokes prominent the ear, feet curves and tail tip. See the image. Fill pink color to rhino horn. Outer lining and pupil must be of black color.

how to draw a rhino

Great you have done. After spending some time you have successfully learnt how to draw a rhino for kids. Happy you are! You are a sharp champ to complete the wildlife easy drawing. You can find more illustrations and artwork in this platform. Here are thousands of colorful drawings waiting for you. Keep visiting. Keep learning. Finally, this is the best practice about this wild life animal drawing. 

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