How To Draw A Sea Turtle For Kids – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a sea turtle in a simple and easy way. “Slow and steady wins the race” is really related to the turtle and rabbit historical race. Turtle triumphed in that race. Kids love its story as well as turtle drawing due to its consistency. These drawing practice won’t bore you. We have arranged the same story-based drawing for kids.  Moreover, you also triumphed like a turtle while having consistency to complete your drawing. 

How To Draw A Sea Turtle For Kids

how to draw a sea turtle for kids - cartoon Turtle drawing

For your interest, we have divided this artwork into two parts.

  1. Firstly you will face step by step easy turtle drawing for kids.
  2. Secondly, you learn how to play with colors. 

You may need some coloring kits but this is totally an optional activity. You can choose it or skip it for your leisure time. These Reptile Drawing help you to open your mind in this art work. 

Material needed:

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A compass
  • Drawing paper
  • Color pencils

Cartoon Turtle Drawing Easy Instructions

Instructions to follow:

Once you have started this, don’t divert your mind just like a rabbit. Be a turtle who is steady and win the race. You can do smart work.  

Step 1:

In the very step of turtle easy drawing, draw an oval shape. This is for the turtle body.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 2:

Draw a small circle for the turtle head. The Head circle is intersecting behind the oval shape.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 3:

 Small curves need to be drawn, roundabout one third, for a perfect match. See the image for the best results.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 4:

 Remove the lower part of the turtle body. This one is similar to the D letter.  Do you have the same perception? Tell us in a comment box.


Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 5:

Now draw a sharp curve at the tip of the circle that you have drawn in step 2. This is for turtle pointed faces. Go back to see the previous one.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 6:

Now draw a small hollow circle in the same head circle. Don’t confuse turtle and tortoise drawing. Both are from the same family. You can learn Tortoise Drawing for kids in the same way. Keep going with your work.  

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 7:

This step of how to draw a sea turtle contains the following points.

  • Firstly, Add a curved line to represent the lip line. You may call it a smile curve.
  • By continuing, secondly, add a pupil to this hollow circle designed for the eye.
  • Finally,draw the outer lining at the lower part. See the image.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 8:

Your upper part of turtle easy Drawing almost completed. Draw a pair of vertical rectangle legs (front and rear – left-sided). Remember to draw them in a rakish manner.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 9:

In this step,

  • Give legs round edges
  • A small curve to start patches on turtle body
  • Draw a curve that joins the head and body together

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 10:

Draw another curve to the lower part of the body. Draw some small circles to give it a beauty. Finally, make a sketch of a sharp tail. Keep it as short as possible. Since this is a cartoon turtle drawing for kids.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step


Step 11:

By continuing your work draw small curves to represent its right-sided legs(front and rare). take a look at the following image. Also, draw shapes similar to a water drop. You can take your elders to help to complete this cute reptile drawing.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

Step 12:

You are almost done, kids. Your efforts can be seen in your drawing art. You are an intelligent soul.

  • In first step, add outer lining to these patches.
  • Secondly, Draw nail curves for this reptile.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by stepGreat work indeed. You have completed the how to draw a sea turtle by following the step by step guide.

Do you love colors for this amazing drawing? Easy Drawings Ideas have best step by step tutorials for kids. 

How to draw a sea turtle and tortoise for kids Beautiful turtle Coloring Activities

Colors needed:

  1. Green
  2. Brown
  3. Black
  4. Coral
  5. Yellow
  6. Brown
  7. Blue
  8. Sky blue
  9. Brick
  10. Pink
  11. Light green

    1.Colorful Turtle:

It is time to add more beauty to turtle illustration. It’s a fun game for all of you. Pick up your color pencils and start work on this. Draw the brown color in its shell. Make the patches with the combination of light brown color with the black outer lining. In your second attempt, fill the green color in the tail, legs and mouth area. The nail look must be dark green color or you can strike green color twice or thrice to get the same results for this easy step by step drawing.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

    2.Turtle or Tortoise Artwork:

You can choose coral and pink for turtle amazing drawings. Fill the hard shell with the consequence for light and dark yellow colors. Turtle body demands the coral colors. Fill this color to its head, legs, and tail. You can choose a brown color for its nails curves.great work!

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

    3. Coloring A Turtle:

To make it a great choice for kids. You must add a combination of blue and sky-blue color. It looks great and awesome. Fill the head, legs, and tail with the yellow base color. You should take your parents or elder help to get this drawing easy for you.

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

    4.Beautiful Turtle for kids:

This one is your last choice. To make it a charming and attractive turtle, you need to fill the pink and brick color to its hard shell. Make the proper outer lining to enchant your work. At last, give a shape of green color to its head, legs, and tail. Indeed, intelligent kids you are! 

Lean how to draw Turtle step by step

To sum up, You have successfully learned how to draw a sea turtle for kids. Kids You can explore more tutorials on this platform to sharpen your drawings. Indeed, This drawing art work can build a great confidence in you. 


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