How To Draw A Snowman Step By Step – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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In this step by step tutorial, you will come to know the hidden secret of how to draw a snowman for kids. Drawing a snowman isn’t a difficult task but kids seem to be immune to this chubby object. Many of the children complain there is no snow or snow falling in their country. And they want to play in the snow. But kids hold on! You don’t need to wait for snowfall here is a cute and easy drawings tutorials waiting for you. Here what do you think?

Does it snow where you live? Tell us what you would like to do in the snow!


How To Draw A Snowman Step By Step For Kids

In this easy and simple drawing tutorials, you will learn how to draw a simple snowman. Moreover, it is often more fun for snow art. It can help you to trim. Building a snowman isn’t an easy task as it takes more calories than dancing. 

Let’s start.

What you need:

For drawing a snowman you need the following items:

  • A blank paper
  • A pencil
  • An Eraser
  • Colors kit (Optional)

The first three steps contain circles. Grab your compass to learn how to draw a circle.

Step By Step Snowman Drawing for Kids

Step 1:

In the very first step for how to draw a snowman, you need to draw a circle at the mid of the paper. You can use a large lid or a compass to make this.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps

Step 2:

Now, draw a smaller circle right above the large circle. Don’t worry about its accuracy. As drawing different cartoons make you perfect.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps

Step 3: 

Thirdly, add one more circle that must be smaller than earlier circles. But keep in mind that all these three circles intersect with each other.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps

Step 4:

A sharp-pointed nose is similar to the cone. Make it at the mid of the top circle. Later on, you will come to know how to draw a cone ice cream in a simple and easy way.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps

Step 5:

This step seems to be very easy. Draw two twigs (Left and right) for the snowman.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps

Step 6:

Draw two hollow circles for snowman eyes.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


Step 7:

From here, you need to add two vertical lines at the top circle. You must work beyond your imagination as drawing is just fun. In this step, you can learn how to draw the snowman hat. 

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


Step 8:

Certainly, this step contains three steps:

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


  1. Firstly, place three (3) small hollow circles at the second body circle and 3 for the last body circle.
  2. Secondly, complete the cap section.
  3. Thirdly, mark the outer lining for a better look.


Step 9:

You are doing great! Draw in such a way so it looks like a snowman holding a stick. See the image. Add a smile curve too to increase its beauty.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


Step 10:

A sign of wavy broom need to be drawn in this step. It may be an additional step so you can stop your cute cartoon snowman drawing here.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


Step 11:

Draw arrow shape to snowman hands. As these snowman hands can be made for twigs or snow.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


Step 12:

You are one step far to complete your snowman easy drawing. Add a little bump to the snowman hat.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps


Step 13:

Congratulations you have successfully learn how to draw a snowman as a beginner in simple and easy steps. Kids, it’s time to draw some beautiful colors to this drawing of a snowman.

Learn how to draw a snowman in simple and easy steps

Finally, for this image, you need the following colors.

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Reddish


  1. The drawing of blue color suits to snowman’s body as it is similar to snow.
  2. The red color will be applied to the snowman’s hat.
  3. Reddish color for reddish shape nose.
  4. Black color:
  • Fill color for outer lining
  • Make hands and broom
  • For small belly circles
  • To make the snowman’s eyes fill.

You have happily acquired how to color the snowman. Keep visiting for more Easy Drawings Tutorials

Coloring a Snowman

Color a snowman is not a difficult task. After drawing a snowman with special strokes of pencil will help you to make some boom.

Colors you need:

  • Red for nose
  • Black for hat and outer lining
  • Sky blue color for snowman’s body.

Learn how to drawn a snowman

Wow! Take this to your parents and teachers to get more reward for your drawing project. Love this Art kids!

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