How To Draw A Sparrow For Kids Step by Step – Easy Drawings Ideas

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Twitter Twitter! Sparrow a beautiful songbird. Sparrow drawing for kids is the most searched phrase on google. In this step by step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a sparrow bird in simple and easy steps. For the bird of paradise, we are going through every step in a great manner.

How to draw a Sparrow for kids Step-by-Step

I think, drawing matters not only for kids but younger and grown can also dive. And problems seems to be solved if step by step tutorial is lying in front of you. Easy Drawings Ideas aims to give you a clarification to every problem. You can teach your kids with these step by step drawing guide. So, Stand up to become the helping hand of your kid. I hope your confidence is refreshing. 




  • A drawing paper, you can use a plain paper
  • An eraser of good quality
  • A pencil or marker
  • Coloring kits (Optional)

How to Draw a Sparrow For Kids In Simple Steps


You must follow these instructions.

  • Work on your own way
  • Finish just in a while
  • Take easy and relax
  • Don’t go too fast
  • Do hard work
  • Be consistent

Step by Step Cartoon Sparrow Drawing

Before starting this. Hold just a while! A great surprise is waiting for you. After completing this you will be rewarded with a surprise. Let’s have a look at Sparrow easy Drawing. 

Step 1:

Start your cute drawing with a round circle in the middle of the paper. You can use a compass or any small lid rim for this purpose. Don’t make the circle too large.

learn how draw a sparrow step by stepStep 2:

Now draw another circle for sparrow body. This circle must behind the first circle that you have drawn in step 1. Moreover, you can check our Easy Birds Drawings Section.

how to draw a sparrow step by step

Step 3:

By adding a triangle that seems curvy around the body circle. This one is to make the sparrow body. You can see the image for a better understanding. 

how to draw a sparrow step by step


Step 4:

Melt the triangle with body circle to give it a perfect look. These sub steps can help you to draw a sparrow beak and eye.

  1. Make a sketch of a beak with two triangles that must be parallel to each other.
  2. Draw the round eye with a pupil

how to draw a sparrow step by step


Step 5:

Here you are going great. Now draw a feather for a sparrow and two small feet. These shapes are similar to a raindrop. This is my perception. If you have the same then it’s a great sign of mutual understanding. You can leave a landmark after this cute drawing.

how to draw a sparrow step by step


Step 6:

Now draw a crown on the sparrow head. Make sure this crown is the symbol of sparrow’s beauty. Moreover, you can learn how to draw Jack Sparrow and Captain jack sparrow step by step the same way as we did. 

how to draw a sparrow step by step


Step 7 :

You are almost done. It’s is time to refine your work. Make the crown, wings, feet, and beak more smooth. Take a look at the image for a more satisfying conclusion. You can also learn How to Draw a

how to draw a sparrow step by step


You are Outstanding! You have followed this guide and complete your artwork. This sparrow illustration was not just a dream.  You have reached hereafter make a great struggle. Now as I mentioned above a surprise will be given. so here are some of the colorful sparrow pictures. You can take an idea. You can learn how to draw a color in a sparrow bird. However, this work is optional work but you should feel your creativity.

Beautiful Sparrow Coloring Activities for kids step by step drawings

Color supplies You Need:

  1. Yellow
  2. Amber 
  3. Red
  4. orange
  5. Black
  6. Brown
  7. Coral
  8. Peach
  9. Blue
  10. Sky blue


  • Cute Sparrow Coloring Drawing

After a successful step by step easy drawing now, it’s time to add some creativity to it. You must prepare yourself to make this drawing more attractive and charming. Fill the amber color to the sparrow body. Don’t forget to add orange color to its wing. To be honest, if you make a contrast in beak color then it’d be great work. Let’s try this. Fill the upper part of the beak to orange and below one with red. What a great combination it is! At last attempt you must add black color to a pupil and outer lining should be black.

how to draw a sparrow step by step


  • Amazing Bird Drawing

This sparrow is looking awesome. I have used some attractive colors to it to give a real look. You can find such kinds of a sparrow in the zoo. Let fill colors to it. The coral color will suit for this sparrow. Mark the eye pupil with black. Here you can add orange color to its side wing. A combination of brown and orange beak shows some respect for this bird. 

how to draw a sparrow step by step


  • Cool Sparrow Bird

Coloring to this sparrow isn’t hard work. Its drawing seems that it’s a very charming bird. Grab your crayons, watercolors or pencil colors to fill peach color to sparrow’s body. Don’t forget to make the beak dark peach color with red. Done! Great Work! Now color to its wing with dark peach color too. Now you are done!


how to draw a sparrow step by step


  • Easy Sparrow Drawing For Kids

This is last but not least. You will learn how to draw a sparrow bird which is full of colors. Somehow it shows resemblance to Twitter Logo. Indeed, Appreciative and creative work. Fill sky blue color to its body. You can find a contrast between sky blue and blue for the beak. Great! Don’t hesitate if your colors go out of the sparrow’s body. It’s your practice time.

how to draw a sparrow step by step

Well-wishing on easy sparrow drawing. keep learning. 



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