How To Draw A Strawberry Step by Step – Delicious Fruit Drawing

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It’s Yummy and Delicious Fruit. If you are interested in fruit drawing then this tutorial is for you. In this step by step tutorial, you will come to how to draw a strawberry for kids. This is a very simple and step by step guide to achieving your goal. If you really want to make your future bright in artwork then this platform provides you hundreds of Easy Drawing Ideas. Kids love this pinkish fruit. Keep on doing great on Fresh Fruit Drawings. 

Step by Step Drawing Tutorial For Kids Learn How to Draw a Strawberry (1)

How To Draw A Strawberry Fruit Drawing For Kids

Strawberry drawing for kids as easy as ABC. By following this drawing tutorial you will come to know how easy it is. In the first part, you will learn how to draw a strawberry for kids. And the 2nd part contains high pitched coloring ideas. You can be a master of this cute drawing in no time.


  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A drawing paper
  • A compass or lid
  • Colored Pencils (optional)


You need to follow these instructions for better results. Keep chasing this drawing until you have done it. You must know how to draw an oval and circular shape. Don’t worry if you made a mistake, just relax. We aren’t there to define rules, take it easy and have fun.

Step by Step Drawing Instruction For Kids

Step 1:

 In the very first step of strawberry drawing, draw an oval shape.

 Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids


Step 2:

Draw a cone shape right below the oval shape. This will change in the next step.

Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids


Step 3:

Remove the intersecting line and give it a complete cone shape. Don’t worry if you didn’t perform well, erase the edges to draw it again until you get a perfect match.

Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids


Step 4:

Draw a curved line above the cone shape and join both ends to cone shape with perfect manners. See the image. You are a great kid!

Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids

Step 5:

Drawing a strawberry isn’t hard work to do. Now, draw a zigzag spark inside the upper part.

 Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids

Step 6:

You are just one step far to complete your strawberry easy drawing. Refine your work and remove the upper curve that you draw in step 3. You can go back to see the complete step.

 Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids

Step 7:

You are almost done. It is time to add some beauty to this juicy fruit. Draw multiple droplets in a reverse manner to add beauty to this fruit.

 Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids

How to Draw Colors to Strawberry Fruit

Kids Attractive Strawberry Coloring Activities FOR KIDS STEP BY STEP

Coloring Activities:

Do you love to see this fruit more attractive? Yeah, we have a collection of coloring activities for you.  In this section, you will learn How to draw colors in Strawberry.

 Color Needed:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Blue
  5. Clay
  6. Orange
  7. Light green
  8. Purple



Strawberry Fluffy Drawing

To find this fruit more appealing you need to draw red color to its main body. left the droplets yellow color. Make sure for black outer edges. Don’t forget the green color of its leaf.

 Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids


Colorful Strawberry


This is looking cool strawberry. Start with the blue leaf. Keep in mind that it is only for your practice artwork. Don’t be serious about colors. Fill the yellow color to its body and the droplet shape will be red. Great doing!

 Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids


Strawberry Drawing For Kids


 Fill the red color to its leaf. Don’t forget to draw a light green shade to its body. fill the orange color to droplets. Don’t worry if colors go out of this drawing. it’s your practice time. We’re not here to set rules.



Yummy Sweet Strawberry


This is looking very beautiful. We choose bright colors to draw this strawberry. Fill the purple colors to its juicy pulp. Fill the droplet shape with yellow color. in your final attempt, draw green to its leaf. Looking adorable.

Learn how to draw a strawberry for kids


You have successfully learned how to draw a strawberry step by step for kids. For more fruit drawing you can scroll Easy Drawing Ideas


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