How To Draw A Truck Step by Step – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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This easy drawings guides will help you to learn how to draw a truck and other vehicles like airplanes, bicycles, tricycles, and bikes. Life is not easy as ABC but within this era, we have multiple vehicles to travel around the world. Vehicle is love for all. It’s best part to move on & draw your desired vehicle.  Kids love drawing vehicles as their interest.

I believe after practicing for this wonderful truck drawing you will more appreciation from your parents and teachers. As a result, you can win your best friend’s heart, by drawing something special on their demand. 

how to draw a truck step by step for kids - easy drawings ideas

How to Draw a Truck Step By Step

As a kid, I used to draw simple things, again and again, to get perfection in it. But one thing make me successful is consistency. Yeah, consistency matters!  I use to work for a long time to get my real work. My drawings are really appreciable. Keep in mind that don’t hesitate to draw anything till you succeed. So grab your pencil tightly and start with drawings work.

Let’s learn with the following step by step guide. Don’t skip until you get your beautiful truck drawing.

For truck drawing, you need to be an expert for the following shapes.


  1. Circles
  2. Rectangle
  3. Square shape

What you need:

  • A Blank paper where you can discover a cool truck
  • A pencil of good size.
  • A good quality eraser
  • Attractive Colors kit (It Up to You)

So, Make it possible! 

Truck Drawing In Simple 16 Steps

Step 1:

Firstly, draw a rectangle shape with rounded edges, in the middle of the paper. As I mentioned above you must know three basic shapes.

learn how to draw a truck step by stepStep 2:

This step is similar to the previous one but here the rectangle has straight edges and a little large than step 1 rectangle.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing

Step 3:

Draw a bottom line just right below these rectangles. Make the line straight.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 4:

As a result, in this step draw a large circle as a front wheel and sketchy outer lining for this carrier truck.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 5:

Draw another circular wheel shape. You can make this circle with the help of a compass or use lid rim for this purpose.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 6:

Meanwhile, In this step for how to draw a truck for kids. You need to repeat one more circular wheel shape consecutively. 

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 7:

Make the rough sketch for the truck door. You must make the sketch vertically in a rectangular dimension.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing

Step 8:

Most importantly, this step is very easy. You just mark the outer lining of three wheels, carrier rectangular carrier shape, the bumper of the truck so it looks more obvious. Just relax and draw in fun.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 9:

Draw a bean shape headlight of the truck. Making this, means, you are giving value to the truck.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 10:

Make a square rough sketch inside the truck door. To get more realism to see the image below.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 11:

Add a windowpane according to the truck structure. You can also learn how to draw an army truck, dumper truck, a food truck, a dump, and a big fire truck in your own way. This truck drawing is very easy to learn. You need to give time for its practice. Easy Drawings Ideas have a superb collection of step by step drawings tutorials.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing

Step 12:

Mark some outer lining to this truck. Make it sure to draw a small circular shape for headlight around earlier draw bean shape. To get the idea take a look into step 9.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 13:

You are going on your track as you have intended to draw this truck. Now draw a handle knob of this truck.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 14:

Meanwhile, this truck drawing, cover the rare

 part of the truck. Add a rough sketch of a small rectangle shape.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 15:

This step is the real test of your box or square dr

awing. Add a small box right above the rectangle shape that you had successfully drawn in step 14. See the image and step 14 for the best realism.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawingStep 16:

To make this truck drawing more appealing little remains to be done. You can make it an army truck. Finally work on the outer lining to give it a better look. 

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing


Best Wishing!  You have successfully learned how to draw a truck in simple and easy steps. 

Drawing this truck isn’t a tricky task to do. Drive

 these appealing machines on your drawing paper isn’t really a tough task to do until you get complicated parts. As for How to Draw a Helicopter isn’t difficult one. You can find your own way.

Colorful Truck Drawing Activities For Kids

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing


Now its colors time. No wonder, you have the right freedom to draw colors. But here we arranged two beautiful trucks.

Colors You Need:

  • Light Orange
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Grey 
  • Black

Most importantly, don’t be stressed over colors. Don’t care if colors go out of this drawing. It’s your practice time. Take it easy and have fun.

Super Amazing Colored Truck

Draw light orange color to the truck body. Brown color suits when you cover all windowpanes and a headlight. Fill grey colors to its tires. Trace the black color to the inner tire rim. See the colored image.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing


Beautiful Truck Sketch For Kids

Trace color for this 2nd track. The light green color is for the truck front body. The rare part must contain yellow-orange colors for contrast. Grey and black colors for truck tires.

how to draw a truck step by step easy drawing

If you really enjoy how to draw a truck in easy steps then more step by step drawings lessons are waiting for you. Believe me, you can be an expert in drawing. If you are still wondering how this will be possible then take your imagination to paper. As long as you stuck to it you will make good illustrations. Your efforts bore fruits for art work.

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