Best Way To Learn How To Draw A Zebra Step by Step – Easy Drawings Ideas

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Zebra illustrations aren’t hard to understand. Zebra art work won’t be a dream any more. You can find it easy as ABC.  If your mission is to learn how to draw a zebra step by step then you are at the right place. Pick up your pencil and start your drawing activities. The more you practice this work the more you get the chances to become famous in your friend zone. 

Step By Step Zebra Drawing For Kids

how to draw a zebra step by step


However, this isn’t a complete zebra drawing for kids. In this step by step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a zebra face. The great illustration work is the symbol of your hard work and creativity. You can check out other cute Animal Cute Drawings here.


Materials you need:

  • A simple drawing paper
  • A good quality pencil
  • An eraser
  • Coloring kits (Optional)

How to Draw a Zebra Step by Step Easy Guide


  • You must learn how to draw oval shapes and circles.
  • The maximum time needed for your practice work.
  • Consistency and hard work lead you to success.
  • Coloring activities are only for free time.


Let’s start this drawing of a zebra by using simple and easy steps. Make your aim to complete once in a while. 


Step 1:

In this step of Zebra easy drawing, draw an oval shape in the middle of the paper. You can draw a circle for zebra face but normally a zebra has an oval face.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 2:

Draw a pair of two zebra ears. Make sure the ear position must be a little bit rakish.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 3:

For the refining of your work remove the extra lines from ears. To get the real work you must take care while drawing of zebra. Just relax and work in peace!

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 4:

In this step for how to draw cute wild animal, draw an oval shape for zebra’s mouth horizontally. This must be easy to understand.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 5:

By continuing your work remove the extra lines so it becomes a perfect zebra face. See the image for a better understanding.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 6:

Draw zebra mane in a correct way. According to me, an electric sign is representing the zebra mane. Did you find so? If yes, then we have the same notions.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 7:

Step by step zebra drawing isn’t a difficult task. Follow all the steps correctly, in this way you can find your dream drawing. Make a sketch of two hollow eyes for zebra. 

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 8:

A smile curve or a lip line can add more beauty to this. You can draw this smile line straight or U shape. In this fantastic awesome drawing, we make a sketch similar to U.  

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 9:

You can learn this step by following sub steps. Don’t worry these are really for your perfect work.

  • Draw two small circles for the nose. Placing must be about the lip curve
  • Complete the stylish mane for this cute animal.
  • Add pupils to zebra’s eyes.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 10:

You are just about to complete this. In this step, you will learn how to draw zebra stripes. Indeed this easy and step by step zebra realistic drawing really means to you if you have good work on it.

  • Add two sharp curve at Zebra face
  • A zigzag curve for the stylish mane.

To get your imaginations you must follow the image.

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step

Step 11:

You are almost done It is time to refine your amazing drawing work. Draw a set of small shapes inside the ears. And a pair of sharp curves on zebra’s face. These curves are actually zebra stripes. 

learn how to draw Zebra easy step by step


In fact, a zebra and donkey can be differentiated, by analyzing stripes on their body. Wonderfully, You have successfully learned how to draw a zebra step by step. For more animal drawings you can find take Easy Drawings Ideas. 


It’s time to add some creativity to this cool drawing of zebra.

how to draw a zebra step by step


Color Supplies needed:

Moreover, you can choose colors as per your will. It is your optional work. Don’t get it serious. But coloring can boost your mental capabilities. If you are using crayons, watercolors or pencils colors. You need the following color supplies for this.

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Mustard
  • Yellow
  • Grey

          1.Zebra Colorful Drawing:

After completing this amazing artwork now fill beautiful colors to it. You can fill pink color to its mouth and ears inner area. Draw a black color for zebra stripes. Fill the black colors for its pupils and nose circle also cover by black color. Don’t be panic if you find your color goes out of the zebra’s body. It’s your learning time. Don’t worry true things come to you at the right time.

       2.Zebra Color with Fun:

This one is looking much cool! Wow! Use your orange crayon to add color to its face. Use black color to trace the outer lining. The mustard color suits the zebra’s mane and nose holes. This is the perfect match for your easy zebra cool drawing. 

        3.Zebra Cool Drawing:

You are working great. A cartoon zebra drawing can impress anyone. Your parents and teachers will appreciate your amazing artwork. Add yellow color for this drawing. Add black color to zebra’s pupils. Draw a grey color to zebra’s stripes and mane. Make it cool and outstanding!


This easy drawing tutorial helped you to learn how to draw a zebra illustrations step by step. Indeed you have achieved it after hard work. These cute animals are really fascinating. No wonder they only find in zoo and jungles but we can’t keep them as a pet. You can show your love by making its sketch. Surely, it is considered the best landmark you have ever made. Keep learning and keep drawing for your kids and fellow ones. After this you will learn Rat drawing.


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