How To Draw An Apple Step by Step – Delicious Fruit Drawing For Kids

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Do you remember your childhood memory when your first letter is placed after an Apple, in your Montessori book? Yeah, your first lesson to learn. I don’t know what lesson you learned in your childhood but for me, this is the first book for me. So I am here to teach you how to draw an apple for kids. Eat an apple and collect energy to draw.

step by Step Drawing Tutorial For Kids Learn How to Draw an apple

How To Draw An Apple For Kids

Our step by step drawing guide will make this object effortless. You can find our other fruit drawing as well. But here you can perform apple easy drawing. Moreover, this drawing isn’t for only kids or beginners but grown old can also learn this thing to teach their honey.

 What you need:

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A compass (you can use a lid)
  • Drawing paper
  • Colored pencils (optional)

Instructions to Follow:


Let’s take a look at this subject! 

Follow Step By Step Apple Drawing For Kids

Step 1:

You can draw an apple with a circle. Amazing to know? Right? You need to follow the instructions.

Learn how to draw apple step by step

Step 2:

Draw a wavy curve to define its body. Don’t feel stressed about this step. It’s your practice time.

Learn how to draw apple step by step

Step 3:

This is a very simple step to follow, draw another small wavy line at the bottom. You can also learn How to draw a strawberry on the same platform. 

Learn how to draw apple step by step

Step 4:

Remove the extra curves and give it a proper look. you are doing great till now.

Learn how to draw apple step by step

Step 5:

At the upper side, draw a slight curve line for its stem. Make sure you have placed it in the right position.

Learn how to draw apple step by step

Step 6:

By adding another curve line parallel to its stem, you can get a hollow stem structure.

Learn how to draw apple step by step

Step 7:

You are going to complete your apple easy drawing. Draw a leaf along the small stem. Make sure the size is a leaf that is comparatively bigger than the stem.

Learn how to draw apple step by step

You have successfully chased what you are working on. After hands-on this cute drawing, you can find more Easy Drawing Ideas on this platform.

How to Draw Colors to Apple Fruit


Kids Attractive Apple Coloring Activities FOR KIDS STEP BY STEP

Coloring Activities:

It is time to draw colors in apples. There are many types of apples but here we’ll fill colors to four apples.

Colors needed:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Brown
  4. Green
  5. Coral
  6. Clay
  7. Purple
  8. Yellow
  9. Orange

 Let’s start coloring activities!


Beautiful Apple Drawing For Newbies

A drawing of the red big apple. This is looking very amazing. Fill the red color in its body; usually, we see red apple color most. fill the green color to its leaf. And mark the stem with green color. you have done great work. move to the next one.

Learn how to draw apple step by step


Attractive Apple

Green apple is also famous for its taste. But for this image, you need to fill the green color to its body. Clay color will suit its leaf. Don’t worry its only cartoon apple illustration.  For its stem draw coral color to boost its beauty.

Learn how to draw apple step by step


Easy to draw Apple

Your practice for this fruit drawing will be appreciated. It is looking very charming.  Start filling color with stem and leaf. Coral color to its stem and obviously a green leaf. Finally, fill the purple color to its body. now you have done!

Learn how to draw apple step by step


Yellow Apple Coloring

This one is last but not least. You can choose any color to fill in this apple. It’s totally up to you how to take the things beautifully. Draw the yellow, clay, and green color to its body, leaf, and small stem respectively.

Learn how to draw apple step by step What’s your experience with how to draw an apple for kids with our step by step guides? Tell us in the comment box. I hope this will be more beneficial for you. Cheers! 

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