How To Draw an Iguana – Really Easy Drawings Ideas – 2022

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A deserted habitat reptile is an attractive and beautiful creature. You can find iguana cartoon drawing in your school artwork. How was your experience with this? Was it tricky? Here is the best solution for you.  We have a step by step drawing lessons for kids, where you will learn how to draw an iguana. Kids love to draw this climbing champ! 

how to draw an iguana for kids - step by step iguana drawing

How To Draw A Cartoon Iguana Drawing For Kids

There are two parts of this cute reptile drawing. In the first part, you will earn step by step Iguana Drawing for kids. You may find the second part optional as there are coloring activities. But I suggest you go through this part. You will be amazed to know how artworks. You can find another one climbing creature who is very famous to eat bamboos. guess what? A Cute Panda

Material Needed:

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A drawing paper
  • A ruler
  • A compass
  • Colored pencil (optional)

Let’s start your imaginative work! 

Step 1:

In the very first step of iguana’s easy drawing, draw a circle in the middle of the paper for the iguana body.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 2:

In this step for how to draw an iguana easy you need to draw a similar circle intersecting the first circle. See the image. Got it ? Move on!

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 3:

Now remove the intersecting line from the circle. And draw triangle bulge for its snout and for the ear. You can draw this step by step to achieve your goal. 

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 4:

This step may be a tricky one for you but due to our step by step drawing guideline, no worries kids. Draw a hollow circle for iguana eye. There are two ways to draw the tail. Whether you draw a circle at the endpoint or draw the tail curves or vice versa. I suggest you have a look twice or thrice while drawing.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 5:

This time to give life to the iguana. add a pupil to its hollow circle. A curve line that defines its mouth line.  And at your last attempt, give a snail look to its tail. Do you love snail drawing too? 

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 6:

This step is very easy to follow. Draw two oval shapes at some distance for its front and rare feet. Make sure that you have placed the oval shapes in the right place.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 7:

To follow this step you must think smartly. Draw the same size oval shapes but a place on the previous one with a rakish angle. See the image.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 8:

Now to give a proper look here is a need to refine your drawing work. Remove the extra line by following the image.  You are doing great!

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 9:

Draw the curves and give them a smooth wide look. These iguana sketches are for kids. Make it more reliable.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 10:

Actually this is the left pose of an iguana so we will draw front and rear feet only. The actual feet shape will be covered in this step. draw curves to give it a real drawing look.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Step 11:

Since this is the iguana cartoon drawing and draws the rare feet curves. Draw a shape under its body as iguana is climbing up a tree. Do you have the same thinking, tell us in the comment box. Give a spiral look to the wood.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Yeah Great!

You have successfully learned how to draw an iguana by following our step by step guide. You can find hundreds of Easy Drawing Ideas for your School Art Classes.

How to Draw Colors to Cartoon Iguana Body

how to draw an iguana for kids - step by step iguana drawing

Coloring Activities:

Before starting off coloring activities you must complete the lesson on how to draw an iguana step by step.  Are you interested in filling colors to this beautiful drawing?  Here are coloring activities to boost your mental capabilities. In this section, you will come to know How to fill colors in the iguana. so let’s start this.

Colors needed:

  1. Green
  2. Brown
  3. Black
  4. Pink
  5. Coral
  6. Purple
  7. Clay
  8. Red
  9. Light green
  10. Light brown


Attractive Iguana:

This will be the perfect match if you draw green color to its body. you need to give special strokes to its outer lining. The wood color is brown so make a black spiral on this. You are done now. 

how to draw an iguana for kids - step by step iguana drawing

Colorful Iguana:

Have you ever seen the pink iguana? LOL! Fill the pink color to its body. The pupil is already black so don’t try to give other colors. Observe the natural look. Under iguana, give coral color to wood but make sure to fill brown color to its spiral shape.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

 Easy Iguana Coloring:

This one is easiest as you just need to follow our guidelines. Fill purple color to its body to a more adorable look. Draw clay color to its wooden part. See beauty.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

iguana Red Drawing:

This one is looking cute and fluffy. Fill the red color to its body. and the left remains the wooden part for light green color. At your last attempt, you can check the proper outer lining. 

Learn how to draw iguana For kids

Colorful Iguana:

This one is last but not least. Draw green color in its body. kids love to fill green color to any drawing object. As green is considered a cool color. At last, fill the light brown color to its wooden part.

Learn how to draw iguana For kids


Kids, you are an intelligent soul. You have successfully learned how to draw an iguana by following our step by step guide. Keep chasing these step by step lessons and drive a good art work out. Every drawing tutorial is waiting for you.

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