How To Draw An Orange – 2022 – Easy Drawings Ideas

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In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to draw an orange for kids. Fruits are hygiene for health. A sour pulp is really enjoyable. Kids love to eat and draw fruits that they really cherish. Sweet fruit drawing for kids is the most joyous moment when they draw their favorite fruit. Do you love fruits too? Tell us in a comment box.  Our childhood memories are unforgettable when we love to find fruits in an icebox. Do you remember this?

Step by Step Drawing Tutorial For Kids Learn How to Draw an orange

How To Draw An Orange For Kids Step by Step

In this step by step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw an orange easy. For your recreation, there is another section for your coloring activities. You can skip it or find it in your leisure time. But you need to follow easy drawing guides first.

Material Needed:

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A compass
  • A drawing paper
  • Color pencil (Optional)

Instructions for Orange Drawing

Instructions to follow:

You must know how to draw an oval and circle. This is compulsory as there is much use of these shapes. Moreover, consistency and smart work is the key to success.  You can take pauses while working on this.

Step 1:

Start your orange drawing with a circle. You can choose a compass or any lid rim for this circle drawing. 

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 2:

By continuing your work, draw an oval shape that intersects the circle. Make sure about their correct position. 

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 3:

Remove the intersecting curve and a hollow star on the first shape that you draw in step 1. 

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 4:

This step is very easy. Draw a small circle in the oval shape.  Also, sketch another curve just behind the oval shape. Follow the image. 

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 5:

It is time to give this orange a real look. Draw a raindrop shape slightly oval by keeping the pivot (Circle) in mind. Draw them left and right side. I suggest you have a look at this image. 

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 6:

Repeat the same, as you did in step 5 but now position will be upward and downward. Do you love Strawberry drawing? An amazing pulpy drawing for kids.

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 7:

By continuing your drawing, make similar shapes in adjacent. You are working very great! Keep it going; you are just one step far away. 

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Step 8:

This is your final step. You can skip it or carry it with you.  Remove the pivot point (Circle) to give more authority. You have completed an orange slice drawing too.

Great you are! Well wishing you have completed your orange kids drawing.

How to Draw Colors to Orange Fruit

Kids Attractive Oranges Coloring Activities FOR KIDS STEP BY STEP

Coloring Activities:

Do you love to see these fruits colorful? Here we arrange multiple orange colorful drawings for kids. In the section, you will learn how to color the orange.

 Colors Needed: 

Choose the following colors to fill.

  1. Orange
  2.  Clay
  3. Yellow
  4. Coral
  5.  Brown Black

Juicy Orange Drawing

What else color be drawn when the orange fruit is of orange color. You need to fill Orange color to its juicy area. The half-cut piece of orange has the same color. But make sure to keep some area off white for its realistic look.

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Cool Fruit Drawing

This is an adorable drawing of orange. Fill the clay color to this fleshy fruit. The outer lining must be black. You can fill as many colors you want.

Learn how to draw an orange step by step

Yellow and Brown Orange Coloring

This is the animated fruit drawing. There are no actually yellow or brown-oranges. Draw yellow and brown color to these images. This is your practice time. You can choose any color for this purpose.

Learn how to draw an orange step by step


You have completed how to draw an orange step by step. With a happy ending with these juicy fruits. I suggest you find
Strawberry Drawing as well. More than these fruit easy drawings you must take care of yourself and take them regularly in your diet. A healthy body has a healthy creative brain. 

Charlie Brown

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