How To Draw An Owl Step By Step – Easy Drawings Ideas

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How to draw an owl step by step cartoon for kids is now become the most searched phrase. Do you ever listen about the owl intelligence?  Kids love this wise bird. You need to follow some step by step drawings guide. By using simple hand made sketch I’ll show you how to draw this cool wise bird in no time. Your efforts and hard work surely give life to this bird.

Learn How To Draw An Owl for kIds Step-by-Step Drawing

Step By Step Owl Drawing For Kids

With these simple and easy 11 steps of owl cartoon drawing, you can become a master of this art work. Great! Are you Ready! Working with some round and oval shape you can accomplish your aim. Easy owl drawing for isn’t a dream today. You can go beyond this hand made sketched. You can find Easy Drawings Ideas and make your own beautiful sketches.


Things You Need:

  • A drawing paper, you can use simple paper too.
  • A pencil of good quality
  • An eraser
  • Colors kits ( Optional )

How to Draw an Owl Step by Step Easy Guide


Sharp Expertise: 

  • You must learn how to draw oval shapes and circles.

Time needed: 

  • The maximum time needed for your practice work.


  • Consistency and hard work lead you to success.


  • Coloring activities are only for free time.


Let’s start this drawing of an Owl by using simple and easy steps. Make your aim to complete once in a while. 


Step 1:

Make your first step by drawing an oval shape in the middle of the paper. This oval shape must have a perfect outer lining as this is the owl body.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 2:

Draw a circle right above this oval shape to define the owl face.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 3:

Refine your work by removing extra lines. You can take your parents or teacher’s help to refine your cute and easy drawing.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 4:

A big owl indeed. An owl has bigger eyes than any other bird. Draw a set of two eyes. Make sure you have correctly drawn this. You can show your perfection by practicing this again and again.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 5:

In this easy cartoon drawing there is no complications at all. Draw a pair of owl feet. According to me, it looks like a bow tie. Did you find this assumption too? If yes then it is great to know that we have the same perceptions. 

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 6:

This step is very easy. You just need to add little curves around its feet. Don’t stress on this step it will be refined in upcoming steps.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 7:

Draw a pair of two curves as owl eyebrows. Don’t take is easy as a matter of fact this can add more beauty to owl drawing. 

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 8:

By continuing your work, you need to follow these substeps.

  1. Draw a set of the pupil in owl’s eyes. Draw in such a way so it shows that owl is looking at the left side. 
  2. Make the feet curving with special strokes of a pencil.
  3. Add outer lining to eyebrows.  

Now it’s a perfect union. 

Step 9:

In this step for easy owl drawing, you can draw a seed shape nose. This is not compulsory to follow only this nose sketch. You can add a rounded, heart shape or a small triangle shape nose. As this is cartoon owl drawing so just relax.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 10:

Refine the nose sketching and add a pair of wings. These wings are only illustrations. Make them smooth and curvy. Indeed it looks fluffy. Here you can find a Fluffy Koala Bear. Keep going.

learn how to draw an owl step by step

Step 11:

You are almost done! By using your pencil strokes add some curves lines to its feet. Follow up this cute and easy drawing for realism. Great work! Congratulations.

Coloring Time:

It is time to add some creativity to these cute wise bird owl. You are free to color in these easy step by step drawings. For more assistance, you can take the help of your seniors. Make sure that the coloring shape must be filled with the right crayons. You can choose pencils colors, crayons, watercolors or any colorful genera. 

Owl Coloring Activites for kids


You need the following colors:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Brown
  4. Black
  5. Purple
  6. Grey
  7. Rosy brown
  8. Yellow
  9. Off white

You have successfully learned how to draw an owl step by step for newbie and begineers. Let’s see how things work when owl illustrations have multiple colors and deep animation effects. 


     1.Beautiful Owl

As this drawing tutorial is not dedicated only hand made sketches. But by coloring with different crayons will make it more attractive. Firstly, fill a sharp orange color to owl head and side wings.

Don’t feel disturbed if colors go out from the owl body. It’s your practice time and you are here to share your expertise. Make its feet brown not. Fill the coral color to owl’s body. Refine your outer lining with black color. Make the eyes black. Here you have done with this.

learn how to draw an owl step by step


      2.Drawing a Beautiful Owl

It is your second attempt with new color schemes. Make sure you are dedicated to this owl drawing. Fill pink color to owl face and shape its wings too. Add rosy brown color to its body. Your color scheme is really appreciative. Add dark grey color to owl’s eyebrows and feet. Left the eyes white but don’t forget to add black pupils to it. See the image.

learn how to draw an owl step by step


          3.Attractive Owl Drawing

This is the last but not the least. Grab your crayons tightly and work with this owl. Fill the owl body with purple color and don’t hesitate to draw yellow color to its body, eyebrows, and nose. This is the exemplary drawing session you can make your own coloring schemes to make this bird beautiful. Draw orange color to its feet. Great work! 


Finally, you have complete this amazing drawing project just by follow up step by step drawing guides. This owl art work really mesmerize you. Stay learning new drawing ideas!

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