How To Draw An Ice Cream in Simple Steps – 2022 – Drawings Ideas

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Step by Step Drawing Tutorial Learn How to Draw ice cream bowl for kids (1)

Step By Step Ice Cream Drawing For Kids

Yummy Yummy!. Guess what it is? Obviously, an ice cream drawing for kids. Sweat and Delicious. In this step by step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw ice cream. Kids love this dessert than of its easy sketching. You can learn this while enjoying a cup of ice cream.  Later on you can trace every step with our easy guide.,


Moreover, our step by step drawing tutorial makes it simple. Here we placed hundreds of unique drawings lesson for kids and beginners. We found that somehow beginners feel some confusion for this artwork. Visit this platform to become an expert on this. 

Let’s start the ice cream drawing.


  • A pencil
  • A compass
  • An eraser
  • A blank paper
  • A ruler (for measurements)
  • Coloring kits (Optional)

How to Draw an Ice Cream  Step by Step Easy Guide


While drawing an ice cream you must follow each step carefully. Don’t worry if things have gone wrong with you. It’s your practice time. You can take pauses while this sweet drawing. You can get more ideas at Easy Drawings.


Let’s start your work.

Step 1:

In this very first step of ice cream drawing, you need to draw an oval shape. you can draw this shape by using a compass or any circular object like a spare lid.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

 Step 2:

Now divide the oval shape by intersecting a line. Make sure you have divided it into two equal parts.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

 Step 3:

With the help of proper sketching, give it a bowl look. We are going to make this a small bowl. You can learn How to draw an ice cream cone for kids in the same way by just replacing this bowl with cone. What a great idea it is! Carry on kids.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step 

Step 4:

 It is time to refine this. Remove the outer circular rim. We just need this bowl to place some ice-cream cubes. Make your mouth watered. LOL. You can order your favorite ice cream from a store.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

 Step 5:

For the sake of measurements draw an intersecting line. And a baseline. See the image for a better understanding.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step


Step 6:

Refine your work and remove the upper bar. And work on the baseline. Give it a bow tie look. According to me, it is like a half bow-tie structure. If you have the same perceptions then we have the same wind.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

Step 7:

Draw two circles for ice cream cubes. Make sure they are intersecting with each other. One is comparatively of small size than others. Give a horizontal baseline. Now move on to next.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step


Step 8:

By drawing two more ice cream cubes you can make anyone mouth watered. The ice cream cup is full now. By placing a small circle you can make the baseline perfect.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step


Step 9:

This step works if you refine your drawing work. Remove the intersecting lines. Don’t worry if you remove extra lines. You can redraw them again.  Take it easy and have fun.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step


Step 10:

You are doing great work. in this easy step of ice-cream drawing, draw a small wavy curve as ice cream cubes are melting. See the image.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

Step 11:

By continuing your work, follow these steps.

  1. Add a rim to the ice cream bowl in the lower part.
  2. Draw small circles to every ice-cream cube.
  3. Refine to make them beautiful.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

 Great you are!

Step 12:

You are just one step far to get this yummy ice-bar. You can give these small circles a starry look. See the image. Mark the outer lining clear and obvious.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

Step 13:

Almost Done! This step needs your critical attention. You just remove the inner circle from the starry look. Now it’s looking nice.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

Coloring Schemes. 

It is coloring time. You will learn How to draw colors to ice cream. As you know there is many yummy flavors in ice cream.  But here you need the following colors. Furthermore, this is an optional work you can skip or work in your free time. Moreover you can learn how to draw a Rose Drawing while enjoying ice cream. 

How to draw a ice cream for kids yummy ice cream Coloring Activities (1)

Colors Needed:

  1. Brown
  2. Pink
  3. Green
  4. Purple
  5. Green
  6. Blue
  7. Coral

   1.Colorful Ice Cream Bowl:

To make its look more delicious you need to draw brown, green, pink ice cream cubes. Make sure to draw the bowl with blue color.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

   2.Sweet Ice cream Drawing:

You just need to add more beautiful colors to it. For this, fill the green color to its bowl and fill the purple, blue and coral color to ice cream cubes.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

   3.Best icecream Illustrations:

Many colorful ice-cream cubes make this drawing more delicious. Purple, blue, brown colors are really attractive. Make the bowl yellow for this cute drawing.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

   4.Bowl with yummy Icecream:

Contrast colorful ice cream cubes and the green bowl is appreciating. You can take your parents to help to draw the color of your own will.

learn how to draw ice cream step by step

You have successfully learned how to draw ice cream. After this easy drawing turns yourself to some ice bar and grabs your ice cream to get more relish. Moreover, you can find hundreds of step by step drawings tutorials on this platform.

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