Rooster Drawing Step By Step – Easy Drawing Ideas – 2021

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Hello, Amateurs!

Are you looking for a drawing of the day? Great! Today you will learn to crow rooster drawing step by step.

Don’t worry if you are a novice in this field, you can still do wonders with your creative mind and a paintbrush. Before starting the drawing lesson today, you need to imprint some information on your brain for learning drawing skills effectively. 

Instructions To Learn Basic Drawing Techniques

No doubt, art is pure joy for all the beginners as well as the artists.  These simple guidelines will prove to be amazing if you follow them.

  • Always use smooth and light strokes of your pencil for drawing easy.
  • Start with the ordinary things drawing.
  • Repeat the same drawings again and again.
  • You can also use tracing paper in the beginning.
  • Develop your personal style by using different drawing stuff and finding out what suits you the most.


Don’t worry about how to draw a rooster step by step and keep on scrolling up dear toddlers! You are going to learn a lot through this quick art tutorial.


Things you need for cock drawing:

The art material required to draw a sketch of the fighting rooster is:

  • A clean sheet of paper/drawing pad/sketchbook
  • A fine sharpened black pencil
  • An eraser
  • A black marker (for outline)
  • Color pencils/pastel colors/watercolors

11 Simple Steps To Learn Male Chicken Drawing:

All steps are created for taking beginners from the first step to the last without confusion. Stop after each step and draw this domestic bird drawing at your own pace.


Happy drawing of the exquisite bird!


Step 1:

Learning how to draw birds seems difficult but it is not. We will start from the simplest step. Draw a circle of almost the diameter of 5cm. Leave enough space above and below the circle to draw the rooster’s head, a long tail, and the feet.


Step 2:

Hold your pencil lightly. Give smooth strokes to make a curved line dividing the circle into two sections of ratio 1:3. Erase the smaller portion. This will end in a half-circle shaped rooster’s body and the remaining quarter of the circle will represent the chicken’s head.


Step 3:

Continue with a curved line to separate the head from the body.



Step 4:
Remove the extra curves to make it a more beautiful drawing. Look at the picture below.

Step 5:
In this step of how to draw a rooster step by step you need to add curves along the neck part to make it more smooth and attractive. Follow the image for better understanding. Great job!

Step 6:

This step of rooster drawing doesn’t need much effort. Refine your drawing task by removing extra lines. Have you done it? Superb you are!


Step 7:

Now draw a bird’s eye that is just a simple small circle. Also, sketch out a triangular-shaped little beak. 


Also practice, how to draw a hen step by step.


Step 8:

Keep your focus on the rooster’s head and prettify it with a comb and a beautiful bird’s beard.



Step 9:

Move towards the rooster’s feathery tail. Shade lightly with a pencil to learn how to draw cute chicken tail feathers. The tail should be attached just with the end tip of the cute bird body. The easy way to draw it is by making a circle and dividing it into small curved segments.



Step 10:

This step might be quite challenging but since you are just here to learn to draw, so your pencil sketch needs not to be perfect. Begin to outline the two feet. A rooster’s feet are heterodactyl (in which two toes direct forward while two direct backward).


Step 11:


You are just near to complete your poultry animal drawing. Draw a curve line in the body to show the feathers of a rooster. Finalize each detail and give a proper outlining with a black marker. Erase the pencil sketch.




Step 12:

Finally, color your farm animal drawing by using whatever coloring material you have got. You can use different colors to make it a cartoon chicken and also, you can go for mixing the different shades to make a realistic rooster drawing.


Hurray! You have learned how to draw a rooster step by step. I hope you have completed it on your drawing pad too.

rooster drawing


Questions Popping In Your Mind About Rooster Drawing

I know your brain is bursting with a lot of questions right now and I have the solution for it below.

rooster drawing

  1. Are roosters dangerous?

Roosters usually protect the flock from predators. But rooster spurs you and it is the most nerve-wracking thing. It can cause infections too. However, chicken roosters don’t have poisonous spurs.


  1. Do we eat roosters?

Yes, we eat the roosters, the castrated rooster is called a capon but they are not perfect for industrial farming.


  1. Is a rooster considered a livestock bird?

Yes, it can be a domestic bird. But many people do not prefer to keep them rather they keep laying hens as they are more profitable.

Here is the best information provided about the roosters. You can boost your knowledge.


Here we end the drawing class for kids. Remember always to do drawing with the intention of building your drawing skills. Keep on exploring more drawing ideas for kids and practice them on your sketchbook.


I hope you enjoyed the colorful rooster drawing with the help of a step by step guide. You are now enabled to practice your new animal sketch or a bird drawing because you are now an art experienced!

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